Truny’s Occu’thar Tips

I’ve been feeling rather unhelpful as of late so here are some of my Mental Notes for the new Baradin Hold boss Occu’thar!

Upon entering the prison players will gladly find that the annoying pulse sentinels have been destroyed by some unknown creature and have been replaced by creepy floaty eyes. This trash is a bit more forgiving I think.

Mental Notes

Occu’thar is actually just as simple as Argaloth, though he does require lightning fast reflexes and fairly high AOE dps.

1. Both tanks stand on opposite sides of the boss. Preferrably with each tank’s back facing the two far corners of the room as the boss has a Cone attack. Taunt when he does this.

2. Everyone else spread out and pew pew. When he Focus Fires a giant black laser on you, RUN AWAY INSTANTLY as it does 35k damage a SECOND and leaves a giant black pool on the ground.

3. The boss will then “summon eyes” that latch onto players,  when you see him summon, everyone group up and go balls to the walls on the eyes. They do damage while they are latched on, but the thing is they explode if they are not killed within 10 seconds and their explosion damage does 20k to everyone in the raid, so you can see how having 3 or more eyes left is dangerous.

4. RIGHT after the eyes are dead everyone SPREAD because he will immediately do a focus fire which WILL wipe your ENTIRE group the first time you do this.

Shorter Notes

Tank corners, taunt. Everyone spread, run from beam. Group of AOE eyes, spread again.

I believe the boss uses his abilities in this order from the start of the fight.

I am leaving out his cone attack as only tanks should worry about this and seriously…if yo usee it just taunt.

Focus Fire
Focus Fire
Focus Fire
Focus Fire
Focus Fire

So only upon the start of the encounter will he only do one bad ass laser.

Upon defeat he drops T12 shit and 120 VP!

Happy Occu’thar Hunting!

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