Turby’s Guide to the Fireland Dailies

Well not really a guide. More like an odd narration of the various dailies I”ve seen up to Phase 2. We can see that there is a bit more variety to the new dailies than say….the Argent Tournament? /shiver

I apologize for even bringing that up. Come, bring your minds back to 2011.

Alright, in no particular order or completion:

Wolf Howling: This quest requres us to “howl” at the corpses of our enemies in the new questing areas. It turns you into a wolf momentarily but I’d really like to see us be able to “AOE Howl” down multiple corpses as howling ten individual times wastes about 30 minutes of our day.

Collect 100 Scales: Kill those scarly fire things and they can drop from what looks like 5-25 scales. Interesting.

Bird Herd: Fly around and “holla” at the various birds, the more you gather the faster you fly and once you hit 65 stacks you get an achievement (I realized this after the fact).

Kill 6 Things in Sethria’s Roost: This quest is okay as there are usually tons of people doing the same quest and you can “tag”/share kills with anyone.

Punt Turtles: Forget punting these little guys I’d like to TAME one!

Heal 8 Wounded Druids: Is it just me, or is it rather horrible for us to wait around for our allies to spawn, and waiting for them to die so we can heal them back up? And is it even more cruel for us to think “hurry up and fall down now”?

Kill 8 Molten Front Things: This one’s the generic filler quest for “while you’re out there..”

Kill Flame Druids/Fire Hounds/Seal Up Portals: Here we have our “variety” to the initial Molten Front areas. It’s an invasion, and there are various enemies invading and here we go.

Get Hit by Moose: I think this quest encourages poor driving habits. Running into Moose on purpose!

Quests I Have Now Randomly Invented

These are DAILY quests, and hence they must take all DAY to finish right?

Diluting the Firelands: The quests that we currently have are tailored to be completed rather quickly and lazily. We need some “epic” oomph. What better way than to have the player run around the world, gathering ten samples of Moonwell Water from various moonwells across Azeroth and dumping them into ten various spots within the Firelands to “cool it down”? This shall award 1 mark only.

Aid of the Elements: The elemental forces are awry, yet there is a special group of elementals with a steady head still in existence: within the Throne of Elemends in Nagrand! You must journey there and complete a single quest for each of the four elements, and in return they provide you with part of their essence in which you must return to the Firelands to unleash it upon the Fiery Enemies. Awards 1 mark only.

Essence of the Tidehunter: After Neptulon got pwnd by a Naga and got hit in the face by a Kraken, he didn’t get as much awesome screen-time as we’d like. Why couldn’t he have empowered the whole naval force when the Kraken was attacking before? He empowers a group of 5 players to fight back the Kraken where one is even a healer! Anyways, for this quest you must travel to the deepest part of Vash’jir and “drain” any of the Tidehunter’s leftover essence from the surrounding environment and “infuse” them into the Firelands. 25 Shards of Whatever shall suffice. Awards 1 mark only.

Lieutenants of the Inferno: You thought the Sethria’s roost mobs were tough, well you are now sent to dispose of Ragnaros’ more powerful minions. Though I am not sure if these will occur in stage 4 (after recruiting the two druid thing factions). They will have oh let’s say 8M HP and you must traverse through the Molten Front through a large gauntlet of mobs. You MUST group up and kill three of these lieutenants. Awards 2 marks.

So the “Elites” don’t whine (Turby goes out of control):
All of the current quests that award 2 marks have been combined, and they only award 1 mark (four times less) and the ones that award 1 mark have been removed. How d’ya like THAT elitists? All kill and gather quests have had their requirements increaed five times. Instead of killing 6 Fiery Lords, we now must kill 30. Oh and all mark requirements have been tripled. And there are no longer special vendors that sell Epic items and recipes to you casual people at each stage. You only get ONE ilvl 365 ring at the end of this entire chain which will take about 4 months to complete (if you did all the dailies everyday). The Firelands raid REQUIRES a min ilvl of 378 to enter and all mobs and bosses have had HP and Damage increased by 50%. You must now complete the Molten Front quests before even being allowed to start the attunement to enter the Firelands raid. All BOE Epics have been removed from the game and all bosses only have a 0.5% chance to drop a Fiery Crystal, which will be used to upgrade your gear to 378…which you should already have. Most items will require 75-100 shards. And the very last barrier to entry is that character must SOLO the Deathwing at their log-in screen before they are able to log-in to their characters.

Turby is it’s the Weekend!

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