Turby the Turtle

I am such a bad bad bitter person. I saw a friend with a picture of this turtle mount on their profile pic, and I also saw someone sitting in Org with this mount and I thought to myself “I can’t let them have all the glory, I should go out there and fish one up!”

This was a couple weeks back, and of course, I never did take the effort to actually fly to a fishing node to even make my attempt. However tonight, being super duper bored I decided to fish at a “completely random” node, the Twilight Highland nodes. Three algaefin rockfish nodes later, I notice a blue item had been fished up. The Turtle. Ugh. Now what am I supposed to do to pass the time? Well, I could sit idle and wait for the Time Lost type drakes, the Storm Peaks one AND the Deepholm one, but that’s boring.

But anyways, I’m quite happy with this turtle and it shall be aptly named Turby!

Turby the Turtle Hunter

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