So my WARLOCK got a shot at Omnotron yesterday. The caster hood dropped and I LOST the roll by one point! Grrr, it’s okay I don’t intend on playing my Warlock again anyways.

Why? BUT WHY? Now I did manage to produce the most damage output for that fight, but at a measley 14.5k DPS. Sure there are lots of target changes and movement, but that’s unacceptable!

We headed on to Chimaeron, he’s a pretty simple fight, we didn’t kill him but he’s a pretty simple fight. Spread out, stack when he’s feuding, kite when he’s all berserko-murderous. I then got bored with my Warlock’s disgraceful performance and switched in my hunter.

Instantly he was doing a consistent 20K dps, the new standard. Consistency is key, I didn’t look further into recount, but the reason is that my pet dino gives a constant 9-10k DPS regardless of what the heck I’m doing out in the battlefield as long as I push my Kill Command at every cooldown!

Oh wait! I know what I forgot! I forgot to put in Corruption for raiding! I even said it in an older post, to save Corruption for raiding and forget about it in 5 mans! GAH! Oh well, I doubt Corruption would have given me an extra 6k dps anyways…we’re just AOE machines anyways…

Now let’s talk buttons.

Warlocks have a hellalotta buttons to push!

We need to keep track of our big Bane of Agony every minute. We need to refresh our Corruptions (which I had failed to even USE), we hit Hand of Gul’dan at every cooldown. We watch for THREE Nukes, Incinerate, and Soulfire when applicable, and we trigger our pet’s special ability. Then we have our two cooldowns which can be used in conjunction with one another, and another special ability only available while in cooldown form. That’s like six billion buttons!

A BM Hunter on the other hand, marks their target, has one cooldown, a dot that lasts forever (Serpent Sting), and three attacks, Cobra Shot, Arcane Shot, Kill Command. We have a “mini” buff “thing” known as Focus Fire which increases our ranged attack speed, which we press every 15 seconds and is a no-brainer (except during Bestial Wrath). That’s it. All that’s left is focus-management to maximize every point of focus at any given time.

Now let’s look at Arcane mages. Two buttons right? Arcane Blast then Arcane Barrage, and use Missiles? Ok fine that’s 3. My mage is only level 17 so I can’t report much but I’ll figure it out one day, judging from the mastery stat of Arcane it looks like a fine balance of maximizing the most damage you can produce with the mana that you currently have. So either spamming Arcane Blast, or using only a couple Arcane Blasts followed with those other Arcane spells? Sounds interesting.

So in conclusion, how about we give Demo the same little “nudge” that made BM so OP?

Also two little things really bugged me from yesterday. I usually put my Dark Intent on a healer with HOTs, so a Resto Shammy, since their chain heals and dots can all leave dots that can crit. But someone suggested: DI Locks – Locks. What? With another Demo lock? We have ONE consistent DOT, and that’s Immolate….that’s it. Our other dot is one that ticks once every 15 seconds.

Also, when I switched in my Hunter, I was “recommended” to switch to Survival because “it did more damage”, shut the fuck up, 20k as BM is *FINE*.

Sorry for the rage, it’s Friday!

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