A Very Real Update

As I have nothing much to say I’m just going to do the old How The Toons Are Thing again….

Turby: I have realized that having “nothing” to do meant that Archaeology would be the next “thing” to do and yes my hunter is the only toon (and only) with 525 Archaeology skill. He had been on several missions, to reach exalted with the Skyguards (done), Netherwing (done), and obtain a Mr. Pinchy Pet (finally done). So now that he’s “done”, I’m not sure what else there is to do that’s…doable.

Truny: I’ve been getting more sleep these past few months and hence my random chaotic skilling spree mode hit again and this means that I have been playing my Warlock a bit more…like…four times! Sure our single target *kinda* sucks without our cooldowns but with add-fights…tada!

Turny: Druids + Herbalism = OP. What’s with all this dismounting nonsense on other classes? Once you go uhh druid + herbalism you can’t go back! Turny is also racking up all of the raid experience for my toons, with 5/12 under his belt in terms of boss kills or is it 13? Well, 12. Here I’ll list ’em. Magmaw, Omnomtron, Maloriak, Conclave, Valiona. I’ve killed Halfus, but on other toons. Wow so for “myself”, I’m at 6/12, not bad for one day a week raid which I only make 75% of!

I *might* raid this Saturday but I’m in dire need of a massive shopping spree, I haven’t “shopped” for new clothes in almost over a year and my regular cycle of work clothes are getting rather ..boring! See, even one day a week raids are a bit too overwhelming for me…geez, why can’t Blizzard just text me the raids and I’ll like….reply them when I want to and that would count as a boss kill????

Klupty: My DK! With the magic of having accumulated tons of gold on my three “major” toons, Klupty purchased several gear-raising items and ran his first Zandalari dungeon a week ago and managed to eek out 12k dps in half tank half poor-man’s gemmed and non-enchanted gear. Having seen this, NO ONE should have their asses carried with their 9K DPS and Cheater PVP items. I also DID cheat by purchasing TWO pvp items to get my DK into regular heroics but his 10-12k DPS pretty much covered up that little lie. Though I did stop wasting my time logging into my DK as his button “Rotations” got really really boring. I might as well roll an arcane mage to save myself one button press.

So yeah, NO EXCUSES!

All my other toons practically remained untouched.

Truby: The pally that I got so excited about…well now that our self heals is on a TWENTY second cooldown……ugh….

Husbrus: I have good intentions with my priest. She dinged 83 and will probably stay 83 for another year or two. I log into her and try to queue. She’ll get okay 15 minute healer queues but I have absolutely nothing I want to do while logged in. Do I want to switch specs and use Shadow to quest? No way I’m not a fool! If I wanted. I like having fairly self-sufficient characters and I can’t see my priest solo Karazhan comfortably. I probably could, but not comfortably.

Rogue: Still 71. Whatever melee.

Shaman: Sat at 65 for the longest time, got her up to 66 and got bored again. Shaman Healing = Listening to a Toilet Flush. I can see Elemental being really fun, but at this point in the game, all mobs die within 1 second anyways so in most cases I am not even able to get off a single spell cast save for Flame Shock before all the mobs in the instance are dead. I still plan on logging in and healing once a month.

Warrior: With the magic of RAF, my friend got my Warrior up to level 60, as he was the ONLY toon at that point still under 60. No intentions here, he’s the new owner of the Kluptomania guild and the keeper of the vault of hoarded items but otherwise I have no intention of playing a THIRD melee class.

Mage: I’ve been making and deleting mages over the years and I had deleted the Dwarf Female I made for whatever that one festival that just passed where we go around raping females of level 18 or over (totally inappropriate achievement) without their consent. My 10th character slot is once again a mage, fire specced. THIS TIME I will level it high enough so that at least I can check out if Flame Orb is cool or not.

Is that 10? Did I miss anyone let me go count.

Yes, all accounted for!

tl;dr: I refuse to request on any other toons just to “gear” ’em up.

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