Enough of 4.4 Let’s Talk Patch 4.6.0!

Since we’re all tired of hearing about how 4.5’s Outland revamp and the redesigned 5-mans, let’s talk Patch 4.6: Extinguishing the Deathbringer!

We’ve already been spoiled as to how “Deathly” difficulty the Deathwing encounter will be, by this time the game would have reverted back to its original culture of less than 1% of the population seeing the end end game encounters, yes despite the efforts of the Great Gearing up in 4.5 and ilvl 412s you will not even be able to get INTO the Deathwing Raid portal without exquisite raid co-ordination and communication!

Bah I’m already bored of all this talk of Deathwing let’s talk about the 2nd expansion to World of Warcraft 2: Legend of the Ashbringer. As we all know from the old Warcraft, the Ashbringer was part of the oldest of old Naxx raids and had tied into the history and timeline of Azeroth up until the Fall of the Lich King.

Had the resurrected Medivh not merged Outlands with Azeroth today and attempted to wake all of the Legendary Foes of Azeroth, the heroes of today would have no need of the fabled Ashbringer. A group of Expeditionary Excavators, descendants to the great Archaeologists of the past have discovered a hidden region now known as The Ashen Glades, laying in a parallel existence to Tirisfal Glades, it is rumored that the powers of the long lost Ashbringer (it gets lost somewhere in a quest-chain from the old Warcraft’s patch 4.5) have been infusing this mysterios forest with powers of the Light. Yet still we are uncertain of so called power and I shall end spoilers now.

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