Is Firelands Going to be Really Really Big?

Let’s take a look at Patch 4.1: Lots of good changes, two (seemingly) huge dungeons and tons of STFU 353 gear for us all to replace our heroic 346s and make us feel a little bit better that that raid upgrade never ever ever drops.

I know this sounds really really elitist, but despite all the efforts put into helping players gear up, we are still observing “PVP Cheaters” sneaking their way into the Zandalari dungeons with their 9K dps by using the 352 pvp items. It’s at the point where I don’t think you’re really ready for these dungeons yet, perhaps go hone your button presses in regular heroics first, and even with the upgrades…I don’t think it’ll help you much. That’s the dirty honest truth.

This also got me thinking: “What’s the overall focus of this game?”

Are these Zandalari upgrades made for “raiders” to supplement their gear, or made towards “not raiders” to retain their quiescence?

Perhaps 4.1 is just the “Great Gear Up Patch” for 4.2, and 4.3 will be the Gearing Patch for 4.4 Tidehunter’s Wrath.

This should mean that the Firelands Raid is going to be mind-blowingly-difficult! The sad thing is, I don’t think or One-Day-a-Week raiding guild can even finish all of the current raids before the new patch hits, though I do see us clearing more with the upcoming nerfs.

What are the nerfs focused towards? Current raiders, or upcoming raiders? I have to admit, I’m looking forward to them since our raid times only allow us to get up to Maloriak any given week and with everyone’s real life human schedules we can’t make raids consistently. Magmaw and Omnomtron are getting really boring.

Though I should make an appeal for us to actually fully Defend the Shattered World before attempting Firelands, just for the sake of keeping our “timelines” in check. OMG I’m Nozdormu!

Anyways, will 4.2 give us enough “stuff” to keep us busy? I hear something about “Daily Quests”…./shudder

Really? Remember Tol Barad? I got exalted on them on two toons and I refuse to even walk onto that Island again if only to strut into Baradin Hold. I just….can’t! I have 92 extra commendations on Turby. He had aspired to purchase the two Tol Barad mounts where my Warlock had purchased her trinket and given up out of boredom.

Perhaps….perhaps make everyone rage and allow Reputation to be BOA for the Tabardless Factions. Or all. Who knows. I’m working on getting both my DK’s specs raid ready, Blood Tank and Frost Three Button Mashing.

Has anyone realized how boring Frost DK’ing has become? I only realized how boring it was after a few dungeons when its essentially feels like a Push the Lighted Up Button game and interrupt when appropriate game. The dynamics are essentially how each of your lighted up buttons can light up other buttons and how they can light up the previous buttons etc. I guess the only brain power required is to decide if you want to hit Obliterate or Frost Strike based on how much focus (or whatever the hell that resource is) you have at any given time.

Enough talk of 4.2 let’s talk patch 4.4: Wrath of the Tidehunter. We couldn’t just let Neptulon go out with such an anti-climatic bang. So we pushed away the Kraken, but the Naga’s treachery has left the Tidehunter in a vengeful wrath. Also he’s been hearing fel whispers within his watery domain, an Old God is trying to turn the tides (OMG HAHAHAHA).

What I am really excited about is the addition of a new “Dalaran”-type Sanctuary in Vash’jir, an underwater hub where Horde and Alliance can once again see each other! Vash’jir will be revamped and we can finally add in the Shark and Baby Whale mounts.

I know I’m being silly, but I seriously thought that with the release of Cataclysm, that the new “Dalaran” hub would have been in either Vash’jir or Deepholm, one of the new cool regions but no we were reduced back to our revamped Home Cities. Sigh.

Turby the Hunter

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