What WAS the Old Druid Healing?

Let’s see…

1. I *think* Rejuv lasted longer.
2. Lifebloom could be cast on as many targets as we please, and the “bloom” returned mana. And Lifebloom lasted longer as well?
3. Regrowth was the go to “casted” heal, and the HOT lasted FOREVER.
4. Nourish was used like….never
5. Healing Touch was only used with Nature’s Swiftness (still is)

The MAJOR change I think was that before, we didn’t NEED to spam Nourishes to keep Lifebloom refreshed, as all our HOTs on our target would actually do the trick, Lifeblooms, Rejuv, Regrowth would always be on our main target, and anyone else could feed off of Wildgrowths and what have you.

I think the best way to get into the “flow” or “How The Designers Intended Druid Healing To Be Now”, is to try to heal by using the bare minimum amount of mana while keeping everyone alive, but not particularly topped up in health. Try it. Be cheap.

I’m so used to the “new” druid healing now that I’m even almost over the fact that Tree of Life isn’t permanent, and I’ve been training myself to ONLY use it in very very emergency type situations (It takes a lot of effort to press an extra button y’know). Turny’s mana regen is so high now that in heroics, after stacking Lifelbooms and spamming Nourish non-stop does not even make a dent on my mana, heck I regain the amount of mana it costs to cast a Nourish in the time it takes to cast it (@_@). As long as everyone is competent, other than the fact that Regrowth is only used during Clearcasting…cause I’m cheap and that not everyone can get a taste of Lifebloom I think….the new healing is fine now!

Also popping Tree of Life and having ALL our Lifelbooms proc Clearcasting makes for some crazy emergency heals, since Regrowth then becomes mana-free and instant cast!

I would be making a healing attempt on Chimaeron or Atramedes this weekend but alas I am busy so….maybe next next week!

Turny the Not So Tree

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