Turby’s Guide to 4.2

So it looks like 4.2 has hit today and here I am with my VERY useful tips on how to get the most of this patch so that you’ll be bored as quickly as possible and anticipate every little detail of patch 4.3 as quickly as you can!

1. Log in and lag.
2. Probably pick up a quest in your main town, and fly on over to Hyjal/Firelands.
3. Rage at all the people in your way.
4. Grind all the little emblems so you can proceed.
5. Repeat for a week until you reach the next stage.
6. Repeat step 4 at this next stage until step 5.
7. Get loots and try out the new raid.
8. OMG so guess what happens in 4.3???

Bonus Hunter Tips:

1. Be the first to tame Deth’tilac, then stand AFK in front of the Auction House to show off your penis!


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