Generic Progress Post & Archaeology!

We said last week “Let’s down Maloriak next week”, and hell we did down Maloriak this Saturday! I would have to say that healing this guy is actually pretty simple as I was assigned to be the “adds tank healer”. There were parts of the fight where I could just stand there and do nothing but regenerate mana…that is until P2 when all hell breaks loose and I bust out tree form to feed everyone some lifeblooms! Despite our progress, I have yet to see a resto druid upgrade drop from the first three bosses in BWD even though there are just only like…five? So BWD is dismissed. Lame.

We also made an attempt at Al’akir yesterday. Oh god. Wait did I say Al’akir? Yes! That’s because we two-shot the Conclave of Wind! I guess its a pretty simple fight really made even simpler with my very useful instructions to the raid:

Ok guys: Ice, Nature, Wind, 70,80,90, switch, don’t switch, stack, Rohash.

Al’akir was a different beast, we did manage to get him into P2 but……we really needed a lot more Tornado Hole awareness in P1 to actually HAVE enough people come into P2. Essentially we would endup with the 3 healers and a random person who didn’t die. Great times.

What I like about To4W is the epic music! The moment you step in you are greeted with an epic score that compliments the windy’ness and Uldum-ness of the whole raid. Too bad BWD doesn’t have any epic mountain music……

I have a dirty secret. Turny has been healing our raids while still using a 316 and a 333 trinket! ACK OMG NOOB RIGHT? Whatever, the nature of the resto druid is that we can still “top” heals and not run out of mana! However, I have good news everyone:

I’ve been doing archaeology! It gets “better” after the Northrend digsites get unlocked and more rare digs pop up. I had intended to do a picture adventure showcase of all the random weird pets and useless items Turby’s found but…yeah too lazy I’ll do that perhaps tonight. As of now he’s found a little skeleton raptor pet, a mecha-gnome pet, a troll sentinel pet, a baby pterrodax, some very lame BOA low level epic gear, almost all of the useless 20 second transformation items, and just before I logged I opened up another THREE rare digs, one of which I was actually looking for:

1. Tyrande’s Favorite Doll – I was quite delighted to see this pop up in my digging panel since my druid REALLY needs a better trinket…not that he really “needs” it as he heals just fine but …you know what I mean!

2. Fossilized Raptor – It’s about time some sort of mount dropped!

3. Ring of the Boy Emperor – This dig actually makes me said. It reminds me of the time when I thought I would be playing my Warlock to the very end. Though my druid could make use of it as well as a healing ring!

And…yeah that’s it!

Turny the Not So Tree

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