Silly Warlock, You Don’t Suck!

I secretly knew this all along, but I knew if I admitted it I’d have to maintain and manage a third toon. Blah!

Unlike bursty classes who can excel in “old” content, I’ve found that Demo Locks excel in “current” content, to make the best use of all our seventeen spells. I went into some Zandalari’s over the weekend and topped the meters and did not die as usual, though I would have to say that my hunter’s output trumps my Warlock’s. On Turby the Hunter, I usually do around 38-41% of the entire group’s damage (usually when pugged), but Truny was only doing 36%.

So what who cares about damage anyways? Well we don’t…but I’m just here to reassure everyone that we can still dish out the deaths.

Rotation Updates: So you know how I said I’d try putting Corruption back into our list of spells to use during teh fite? Uhh well scrap that idea. I would say unless you have lots of free time during a raid to do so, then do so every little bit helps but for anything else…uhh just don’t.

Truny the Warlock

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