Patch 4.2

/ignore ignore ignore ignore ignore

For all I know the next patch is something to do with Fire and Tarecgos Legendary Staff of Blue Dragons, ignore ignore blah blah blah


Change the culture! I remember a couple days after 4.1 hit there was all this talk about 4.2 already! WHAT? Why can’t we just enjoy what we have, instead of always looking forward to what’s next what’s next? I bet when 4.2 hits there’ll be all this new info on 4.3 and all the new things to look forward to so we don’t have to “enjoy” what we already have right? That’s the culture we’re “supposed” to be set into right?

It’s this “let’s get to the end” mentality that’s been bugging me. Why not just Release Deathwing now, and have him SMS all his loot to us. There done. Success. Happy now? No actually have him SMS the gear to my assisstant as I am too busy complaining.

I also would like to propose a NEW FUNCTION for LFD. The “Disband Button” or “Leave Group Button”. If someone wants to leave the group at any given time, they must be given permission from the rest of the group before doing so….otherwise they will LOSE all Justice points and items received from the dungeon. Items will be returned to the loot pool and will be rolled on by the remaining party members. I have seen a LOT of players randomly leave after a certain boss that drops a certain tanking item. Or people who leave when their item doesn’t drop. This is a sad situation for me since my BOW drops off of the last boss so I have to endure through an average of about a dozen party members before even ATTEMPTING to kill Jindo, let alone see a group that won’t mess up and disband. So if your tank finally got their ITEM (I don’t remember what it was) and leaves/ninja logs they will lose the item and everyone will roll for it. This might need some time to be thought out thoroughly though….

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