Zandalari Mental Notes

Since I have tanked, healed, and dps’d both of the new Zandalari dungeons with no DBM, here are some quick tips on some of the bosses that I think could pose a challenge on unprepared groups. In no particular order:

Venoxis: Venoxis is my favourite boss, he’s a PUG KILLER. Usually when the group does well on this boss my confidence for later bosses increases greatly.

When you first encounter him you probably think “WHAT THE HELLLLL?”.

I did too, until I broke down all the elements of the fight. First of all, he’ll start tracing a “maze” out of green goo during the fight. Ignore it other than know its general layout for now. He will never draw it ONTO someone. (Not that I’ve seen anyways). He has a channeled spell that can be interrupted. Interrupt it. He casts Toxic Link. Make sure that everyone is either far enough apart that the link instantly breaks OR that you are positioned so that you can run away from the linked person while also not having to touch the maze. Near the end of P1, he will start to cast poison spouts on the ground, I have no idea what they do as I have never touched them, but once he starts doing this and you see two or three on the ground, start paying attention to the MAZE. You want to slowly inch your way to a “safe” area of the maze that will allow you to run along a good length of path. If you’re at the dead-end of a path, the poison spouts will start to block you in so you would want to slowly walk towards the beginning of this path.

P2, he’ll channel this one-shot poison stream that follows I think three random people. The poison spouts disappear by now. If one of his streams is following you, start running along your pre-emptively planned path, all while avoiding green. After he finishes channelling he’ll be “exhausted” and take additional damage for something around ten seconds. Easy peasy.

Special Role Notes: None.

Akil’zon: The lightning birds boss in Zul’aman. Everyone should spread out in this fight, but be in range of the healer to receive dispels off of the boss’ Static Disruption cast on random players. He’ll call down a White Bird to kidnap a random DPS/Heal and sell attempt to sell them to the Zandalari Black Market. Kill the White Bird! The person in its clutches can still cast their spells to dps or to heal the group.

A bunch of smaller brown birds will fly around harassing the group, ignore ’em and heal through their annoying damage!

Akil’zon will summon an “Electrical Storm” on a random group member and everyone MUST run to the shadow of the group member being lifted into the air or DIE to a storm. The shadow means RIGHT under the group member!

Special Role Notes: Healers, dispel the Static Disruption, its a blue icon.

Nalorakk: Take turns being the farthest from him when he’s in Troll form. 1, 2, 3. Win.

Daakara: The final boss of Zul’aman is a tricky pony if one is not aware! From what I’ve seen he has two animal combinations. Bear/Eagle, or Lynx/Dragonhawk. I might be wrong but here are the tips for each of the animals:

–Bear: The bear fight is almost the same as Nalorakk but he charges people while in bear form and casts a nasty CREEPING PARALYSIS on all group members which can be dispelled! What I tend to do is dispel myself, then the tank, then the highest DPS if there’s time. There’s only six seconds to try to dispel everyone in the group, once they are hit with the paralysis they take something around 50K damage which should be topped off ASAP. This fight is mainly in the healer’s hands to dispel the paralysis as quickly as possible while keeping everyone alive!

–Lynx: Dakkara’s lynx form comes with two annoying lynx kittehs who will run around scratching everyone, depending on the group situation its up to you to decide if you would rather endure the cats and burn Daakara out of his Lynx phase or to kill the kittehs to save the healer some grief. CLAW RAGE is the “wipe” mechanic for this fight, healer you should communicate with your tank if he is going to taunt the boss back onto himself or let the boss ravage a random player so you know who to focus heals on. That ability hurts!

–Dragonhawk: Avoid ALL fire, with his fire-damage-debuff, anyone getting hit by his fire breath is pretty much a goner late into the fight. You’ll see fire columns in the battlefield, avoid ’em and pay attention to when he casts fire breath! AVOID ALL FIRE!!

–Eagle: KILL THE LIGHTNING TOTEM. I hadn’t even realized this thing was being summoned by the boss until someone mentioned killing it. The fight is SO much easier with the incdental damage from the totem out of the way. Tab around until you see it and KILL it! Oh and dodge cyclones!

High Priestess Kilnara: The “Cat Troll Lady”. What I have seen is effective is to engage the boss and pull the packs of sleeping cats around her one kennel at a time, depending on how the healing situation is. Why do we kill the cats? At 50%, the boss will summon ALL remaining cats to attack the party so its in your best interest to kill them all slowly before she hits 50%. She has an interruptable channeled AOE “Tears of Blood”, which affect everyone in melee range and also a dispellable Lash of Anguish which…should be dispelled ASAP! One key thing to this fight is to manage the packs of adds and also running behind the boss when she casts her Big Purple Wave (You’ll know it when you see it). Once all four cat packs are dead you’ve essentially won the fight.

Healers: Dispel the Lash of Anguish

Jindo the Never Drops My Freakin’ Bow: Heck while I haven’t pressed the “Publish Now” button I might as well put him on here as well. Jindo is the last boss of Zul’gurub and he never drops my bow. That’s about it. If you see the bow, please ninja it and mail it to Turby. Thanks!

Anyways. Jindo has two phases. In Phase 1, stand inside the bubble he creates until he hits 5,750,000 HP. That’s it.

In P2 you get transported into the spirit realm and this is where things COULD get hectic. The tank will pull up one of the berserkers that you killed earlier, and it is with the berserker’s Body Slam that will lead you to success.

Ghosts and Shadow Crashes. Kill, and avoid. In P2, you will see three chains “bubbled” down, stand by one of these bubbles and kill ghosts until the Berserker Body Slams someone. Hopefully that someone is standing by a chain and the body slam will have “freed” the chain. Burn down the chain, while picking off ghosts and avoiding shadow crashes. Rinse and repeat. You can sometimes get 2 Body Slams from one berserker, they do hit hard though so you will want to kill them once you are done with them.

When all three chains are broken you win.

Tips: Avoid Shadow Crashes. Stand by a chain and keep ghosts off the healer. And Avoid Shadow Crashes.

Turny the Not So Tree

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