Catering to the Elite Hardcores

How would the game be like had it not been so called “Dumbed Down” from the very start? Remember, if a game is “hardcore”, it doesn’t denote it as “difficult” but perhaps “tedious”.

Sign Up!: You must first signup for a game account and also a corporate profile under the company of the game. These are not linked and require two separate user IDs and passwords, both with different name and password requirements. You must then attempt to active your corporate account and your game account by linking your game account via sending an email through a special link in your game account to your corporate account.

Most people would have quit by now.

Create Your Character: You are only allowed two characters to start off with. To create your character you must have the attunement key to get to the character selection screen via doing an epic quest chain using your corporate account, then linking the fact that you finished the chain onto your game account, which will take up to 48 hours to process.

Play! Level! Explore!: All experience requirements have been reset to their original amounts back in Vanilla times twelve. Yes, you will need approximately 1.2 million experience to level from 1 – 2. Mobs at your level will give about 5 exp, a level 4 mob will give about 15 exp. Group exp has been reduced by 75% to discourage socials. But before you even begin to level from 1- 2 you must do an attunement quest to actually get your first weapon and first skill. Yes, players no longer start out with basic skills, back in the day you’d have to travel halfway across the world just to train your skills and now we can re-experience this! Players must gather 50 Kael’thas’ Hair Strands from Tempest Keep to create the item to start their attunement quest to get their level 1 weapon. Afterwards, the player must ALREADY have every dungeon achievement before the second part of the quest begins.

Remember interrupts? I had mentioned this a while ago. Right as you log in, you’re not faced with the initial quest giver but a mob that will start casting “Apply Death” to you and you must figure out how to open up your spellbook through a series of complicated menu sequences, find the spell, equip it to your bar and cast your interrupt on the mob or else you die and get sent off to the opposite continent. If you do die, you have 2 hours to WALK back to your corpse. In walking speed.

And CC. With the “nerf” to CC in 4.2, a CC component will satisfy the elites. When you create your toon, not only is the INTERRUPTABLE mob casting its 10 second spell, but FIVE other mobs are chasing you. You MUST CC four of them or you will die. How do you CC four? Well, we start you off with ONE CC spell you must then spam the general channel to get a group to help you CC the other four before you die. You must then kite the last mob, as that is now actually a requirement to start your epic grey weapon quest. Since CC is so easy the elites will love this.

Uhh Play!: If you managed to find a group to help you CC, kite, and find your interupt spell all at the same itme you must now head into Tempest Keep.

Get back to me when you do.

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