Return of the Druid

Bah, I should really switch my header bar and update my blog description to no longer be a Warlock blog but once again the random random all-around blog that Kluptomentum started out as.

I have picked up my Warlock again. It’s not THAT bad, we are still a force to be reckoned with for AOE or ADD fights. I dropped my Destruction spec and picked up Affliction as my Demonology preffered stats compliment Affliction way more than Destruction. I was pulling 9K with Destruction and about 12k affliction so I think I’ll stick with that for now, though I am still Demonology at heart.

Speaking of dropping things, I dropped two professions. LW on my Druid, and Herbalism on Truny. In place, I gave Turny the Druid herbalism (flying + cultivation is so OP), and let my Warlock be an inscriptionist. Yadda yadda.

Burnout – Updates

I can not has. I finally…FINALLY picked up doing Archaeology on my Hunter Main as his 430 skill shows, once you break out of the Old World and start digging in Outlands and Northrend its a nice nice refreshing change indeed, despite being bored of the actual content in those two expansion areas. I am doing what is most optimal for my Hunter and that is queuing straight into ZG in hopes of finding a group that will actually stay together for more than 10 minutes for Jindo’s Bow to drop. That’s about it. Until we recruit more healers, my Hunter is on the sidelines.

I’ve been playing my druid more now. He’s become one of our main healers in our little raids. WE ALMOST ONE SHOT MALORIAK. Though we hadn’t realized that on P2 that we shouldn’t stack and all got killed by his fire breath. Speaking of “knowing”….I just realized I have have been doing completely fine healing/tanking without (dun dun dun) Deadly Boss Mods.

Enjoyment. I don’t know if its just me, but I found the game to be more “enjoyable” when there wasn’t this “thing” telling me what to do exactly when it happens. Take for example Magmaw’s Slump. During the DBM days, it would be all like “OMFG MOVE” right when he casts Slump. But now, just from that 0.2 second delay of me actually having to SEE slump while I’m in a healing fervour makes things much more interesting. I actually avoided Slump, not a machine that told me to. I also really like how the new raid frame thingers work, I don’t even need to use Grid anymore, god was that a messy addon. It shows who has any of my HOTs…and…well that’s all I really need I’m fairly attentive otherwise.

Since last week most of us weren’t able to make our “extra raid day”, I am sure that this week we will get Maloriak down and start working on….err that other boss on the other side of the room.

Turny the Not So Tree

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