THAT Achievement

Y’know, I’m not even going to link it: School of Hard Knocks.

Had I have completed this achievement last year, Truny would probably have completed Winter Veil as well, and would have made the Generic Strange Trip Post last December. But I didn’t. I used to PVP a lot on my Hunter then I kind of stopped. I tried it again on my Warlock and it was fun but it wasn’t so fun being bursted down with no way out.

Now that the Child Event is up again this year, I said to myself “Just do the damn thing!” Despite all the rage and hate going on in Battlegrounds, I made up my mind to ignore all the chat, just do my thing and try to accomplish what this achievement wants me to do.

So I queued into Alterac Valley yesterday. On my hunter. I decided that I would attempt to capture Ice Wing Bunker since I knew that a lot of people would rush Stonehearth. I was successful despite thinking that this would be an impossible feat with 32532 other people wanting to capture a tower. Did I leave after clicking the flag? Hell no there’s allies to slay!

I stayed behind with a priest to defend the tower then as the tower burned to the ground we headed north to finish off the BG. An ally rode by, a paladin or DK or something, and I sent my pet onto him. 2 GCDs he was at 50% health, I’m surprised no one is QQ’ing about BM hunter burst. I continued to attack him while I was still mobile and moving. So cheap.

We captured two more towers and raided whatshisfaceboss for an easy win. Turby topped the damage charts as usual, since using PVE “rotations” in a PVP environment is pretty much a win.

So my question is: Did the “PVP’er’s” hate me, an achievement seeker? Desecrating their sacred battlegrounds with my innocent whims of Orphan Glory? I did help to attack and defend completely two whole towers and sped up our boss killing process?

Three more to go. I reckon I’d do one BG a day for a maximum of one hour.

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