Truny in Zul’Gurub

Creative titles are for the weak!

I finally took my warlock Truny, remember her, to one of them new dungeons. I was really lucky, it was a semi-completed Zul’Gurub, I didn’t have to suffer with my lack of burst damage for more than 30 minutes.

The group was a solid group, and they were standing in front of Zanzil when I arrived.

Easy peasy, thought I think I was the only one left alive near the end of the fight spamming Fel Fire to whittle the boss down.

Jindo we easily one shot. Got some achievement and some points then logged out.

There’s something….”wrong” about the feeling to our class I think. Maybe I should never have picked back up my hunter. I think we’re stuck somewhere between a “pet class” and a “pure damage class”. Well of course, but what I mean is….well our “pet” demon isn’t REALLY that strong. I’m pretty sure my Felguard didn’t do 8K dps. We’re not “really” a warlock, as in we don’t “really” rely on dots, we “kind of” rely on dots, but we rely more on our nukes. Nukes, our nukes are slow and not THAT good, if we wanted to Nuke, we’d go Destruction. If we wanted to DOT, we’d do Affliction. If we wanted some OKAY AOE… I’m not sure how good our AOE is anymore as most of the “strong phase” of our AOE is during a long cooldown. My hunter can spam multi-shots in Bestial wrath every 71 seconds.

I don’t know, something just feels wrong. It’s fun being strong in demon-mode, but without it, even in our “decimation” phase, Soul Fire is kind of weak. I have a feeling that Affliction’s “executve” phase is stronger?

Maybe I’m being biased having felt how much more mobile and in control a BM hunter is GRRR.

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