Varietal Weekend

My druid really got a workout this weekend, he tanked some of the Zul’New Stuff, healed some of the Zul’New Stuff, and also healed our weekly Blackwing Descent! Or no Bastion of Blackwing err..the one with Magmaw and Omnom!

According to the elitists, he’s considered “undergeared”, well probably “just right” but I like to relish in having common sense and moderate skill prevail over raw gear. I’d have to say, seeing the fight from a healer’s perspective really changes things. It’s a good thing that I had started to “practise” healing like what I thought the new encounters would “want” me to heal starting from level 81 onwards. Rather than sticking to the old comfortable “spam whatever” Wrath Dungeon/Raid style healing, I started practising healing with just one Rejuv and one Lifebloom and being very very very very cheap on mana. I’d have to say that the dungeons from 1-85 (Regular mode) don’t really teach us much about mana conservation (from 1-60 if you spend more than 2% of your mana in the entire dungeon something is wrong).

Omnom-tron was definitely hectic-er for heals and I was really really hoping that everyone was clicking the priest’s Lightwell and hoping that Arcanotron would drop his Blue Pool more. We called it a night after the two bosses were downed, though we are trying to add an extra new day to our raiding schedule just to progress more into this place.

Uhh, Warlock Blog? Warlock Progress?

Uhh yeah so uhh…I haven’t managed to log onto Truny. I don’t know why. Just the thought of knowing that in the time it takes to cast my two or three setup spells, everyone else has already done half a million points of damage isn’t very encouraging or fun-sounding. There are lots of upgrades that I’ve seen drop, a helmet, shoulders, bracers, wand, offhand…but….then again, these dungeons are at a higher tier which means they won’t be dead in 5 seconds.

I’ve been opting to bring my hunters to raid over my warlock, and when I don’t feel like playing my hunter I think I would rather heal.

Speaking of damage dealing….

What Is With This?

Now I believe when one’s “gear level” (hahahaha) is at an average of 346, one should be able to pull at least 10K just from the raw numbers of their gear which affect the raw numbers of their spells. Please do not cheat the system with PVP gear, especially for the new dungeons. It’ll make things way easier for the healer, the tank, and everyone else. In that order. The Zuls were designed to be a tier above current heroics, meaning if you’re pretty much 346 in every slot. I’ll give a grace-slot for the bracers that never drop.

I’ve found that Random Dropping of Group has become more prevalent than ever? People seem to leave at the most random times? Or maybe the group I joined had wiped for hours on end. Who knows.

Jindo Story

Not a very interesting story, not really a FailPUG story, we downed him in three tries, I explained the boss, everyone understood, did a great job dodging shadow crashes and managing ghosts and killing chains all at the same time…despite what I thought the outcome would have been.

Why? Well, our combined group damage wasn’t as high as one would like but it would seem that this is the bare minimum required (along with great awareness) to clear Jindo’s Chains.

Now I said I stopped using recount, but I didn’t uninstall it, I just shut off the window. So it was still running in the background. I got curious, since our boss and trash kills have been tediously slow the entire run, and some group members had made some remarks about it as well. I thought “what, eff you it can’t be me!”

So I opened recount for Jindo. Oh my.

Turby: 8k
Jerry (Turby): 8k
Person: 7.5k
Tank: 7k
Person: 6.5k

Yes, I pulled 8K dps…but see right under my name? Jerry was my loque’nahak. He also pulled 8k dps (He’s grown so much now!), bringing us to a total of 16k! That’s 44% of the group’s total and we still managed and kill Jindo, so no one’s allowed to complain!

Ok I’ll shut up now.

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