Zul’Gurub: How Interesting

I queued for a 140 yesterday and Zul’Gurub was the dungeon of choice, yay! I would have specifically chosen this dungeon for reporting purposes but the 140 valor points at the end of the run hold the most value despite potential small upgrades for two of my item slots so I left it up to luck to decide.

I queued up with a guildie, both being DPS and our first group encountered some issues at the first boss: Venoxis.

Wow is this fight confusing (for the first 15 seconds). You have poison beams, poison tracks, poison pools, one shot poison streams. Essentially I went with the basic strategy of: Stay Out of Stuff! On our first encounter, it seems that the tank and one of the (silly) melee stayed in a poison vent and got one shot. The (silly) melee then dropped group and our healer dropped shortly.

The group we got next makes me sad: It was a good GOOD group. We one-shotted Venoxis without anyone dying and I even got the [It’s Not Easy Being Green] achievement, which caught me by surprise but proved my point: Staying Out of Everything works! (And I also wondered WHEN all those darned Pop Culture References would show up, and there we go! Having done the quest chain leading into Zul’Gurub, NONE of the quests had any pop culture references in them… I was SO PROUD! Unlike YOU Uldum!!)

The falling rocks and the “use the ice cauldron to free mobs down to 20% health added a nice twist to the boring trash clearing. We one shot Mandokir, and jeez I wish I had a Super Slam attack just like that! Essentially he murders a random party member and he “levels up”? I remember typing out Grats then immediately thinking…”wait a minute who levelled? My pet?”

After this, things get blurry. We randomly walked into a room full of mini tiki-heads, they were super annoying. The boss that they summon afterwards was just basic, stay out of melee when appropriate.

Then comes the Cat Lady. We didn’t expect her to summon a gazillion cats while we were all spread out around the room and we died. We agreed to all stack up on our second attempt, and we did just that, as the cats all spawned we all stacked up and began to down the cats when………our server crashed. Kicked everyone off. After logging back in, we had been kicked out of our parties and was promptly sent out of the instance.

Great. We had a great group and now we’ll never ever see them again. An abrupt and unfortunate Ending of Fun. I didn’t have enough time to queue and complete another one of these instances so I called it a night.

Zul’Gurub, unlike Zul’Aman felt so alive and immersive, I haven’t really gotten so “in” to an instance in a long long time, perhaps not since Arthas chasing down a cliff. Oh good ol’ Arthas.

Despite finding no upgrades, or even completing ZG for the valor points, I really enjoyed myself up until we got kicked off. I realized that at the end of it all, I didn’t have anything to show except that I haved-ed…..fun! It’s also great running addon-less. Nothing to warn me about debuffs, gotta read ’em myself, not worrying about damage!

And blahblahblah okay bye!

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