Torby Makes Another Save!

Study this picture for just a few moments if you please:

How boring another Hunter picture showing off their Terrorpene…
Here we see a dead tank, and a dead Jan’alai. This fight got hectic as the boss’ health approached 25%. We were pew pewing along and all of a sudden the tank and a damager died..all while the dragonhawks were pouring out of their eggs! I think the boss started to nom on one of our hunter pets (we roll with dual hunters) but our second hunter started to die! I feigned death expecting a wipe, but somehow our healer was still alive, and my Devilsaur was still alive. There was time for a save!
Quickly I woke up, dismissed by Dino and called out to Torby. For the record, I *had* wanted to call out my Corpse Scarab Yquem, but it seems that after Patch 4.1, his size has increased to be the same as a normal beetle! (If you didn’t know, the Corpse Scarabs that Anub’rekan spawn in Naxx can be tamed and they used to be super duper critter tiny). Our healer caught onto what I was doing, since they also play a hunter and along with the mystical powers of Mend Pet, Torby once again saved us some time from a wipe!

Now I would like to switch our focus towards “awareness”. If you know someone who knows someone, or maybe even someone else who..ok nevermind bahaha, I meant “situational awareness”. In a DPS role, our job is to kill things by using our most effective damage per second button presses, and try to get damaged as least as possible all while protecting the healer, minding the healer’s mana, minding the tank’s location and the other dps’ health and location.

But as a hunter there is another level of awareness, about when to call Wipe Prevention. Will I incur massive damage in the next two seconds? Do the mechanics of the fight enable me to pet tank this? My answer usually defaults to: “hell mend pet is OP let’s give it a shot if we die we die gloriously!”

This got me thinking, could my Warlock have prevented this wipe as well? I could have popped Meta since this was fairly late into the battle, while I distracted the boss I would then insta summon my Voidwalker and have him taunt off me. But health funnel is so crappy I’d be spamming it non-stop, rendering me unable to do decent DPS and we all know how strong the voidwalker hits.

So…yeah the end.

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