Zul’aman: How Interesting

I am very excited to announce that Mojo may very well still be available in game due to the Hex Sticks still dropping off Zul’aman mobs. The Hex Sticks are also tied to an achievement to unhex all the various characters we’ve come to love again and again and again despite no Mojo.

This is actually a passive aggressive post about how to use your head while facing off with new encounters.

I love new dungeons when they are new new. Don’t know the fights, recount doesn’t work, deadly boss mods is off, its all brain. The bosses are roughly the same as the old raid, but for those who haven’t been in the old raid here’s a small Mental Notes version of some quick boss tips. And of course I’ll be damned to know any of the boss’ names save for the last one.

The Lightning Boss Go Left When Entering Instance

This is the guy who makes the mushroom cloud of lightningy doom. He’s pretty easy except for the fact that he’ll lift a random group member into the air and everyone then must stand under this party member or die in a glorious lightningy death. Oh, and when white birds spawn, kill ’em!

The Boss That Turns Into A Bear

This guy has a new mechanic that took us all of five seconds to figure out. Occasionally during the fight he will charge a party member, giving them a debuff that lasts for something like 12 seconds, increasing physical damage taken by 500%. The trick is, it targets the “farthest” player, since I was the first person to read this and being the every curious hunter I mouseovered the debuff and said ‘Ok, let’s take turns being farthest”. And the boss was downed with ease.

The Dragonhawk Yellow Boss

When this boss stops and turns toward someone, what do we do? RUN! He channels a flame breathe that leaves a trail of fire on the ground! This is the ONLY thing to watch out for. The other thing are: Dragonhawks Galore! In the middle of the fight, two Dragonhawk Releasers will spawn at the stairs leading up to the battlefield and walk towards the sides to release dragonhawks. We nuked them both down at first, but then ALL the dragonhawks hatched and we died. The second time, we only killed one of the Releasers, letting one release one side of Dragonhawks for us to nuke down, then have the other side hatch later worked much better.

The Boss Inside the House With Totems and Summons Lynxes

For this dude, your priorities are: Kill the Totems, Kill the Lightning Totems, Kill the Lynx. Then focus on boss when all of those are out of YOUR threat table.

The Ogre, Blood Elf, Spirit Threesome

Without looking at any strats, you can bet your ass that you probably have to interrupt one of them. I was right. It’s best to keep the Blood Elf lady interrupted as she casts some dangerously hard hitting moonfires and heals. The Spirit…we burned down first but I think there’s an achievement for leaving it alive, I think it does random aoe shadow damage.

Other than that, keep the blood elf interrupted!


I remembered this guy’s name since it is similar to Draakuru, is he his son? Where’s the quest chain for it? After Zul’gurub?

Anyways, he turns into any TWO random animals during the encounter.

Dragonhawk: AOE Fire, fire breathe. DUH.
Bear: Hits hard and does that charge? (Didn’t see this one)
Lynx: He’ll “Claw Rage” a random party member that WILL kill them if not healed through, and it can ONLY be healed through. SO heal through it!
Hawk: Didn’t see, but probably kill birds and avoid lightning???

So if anyone has useful tips for the Bear and Hawk please let me know, or not..I’ll just figure it out when I see it.

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