Excited for 4.1?

I’m not. I failed to find Mojo in Zul’aman, despite running it every week and seeing someone else find it as I so nicely invited them along. Do those hex sticks still drop in the heroics? They should!

Once again, it’s not a game it’s a race! A race to grab all the useable epics and all of the valor points until we’re congested with them then get bored and complain. I’m going to take this patch in stride. I’m going to absorb all the little details of ZA and ZG. Maybe tame a hydra and a spirit lightning infused demon Devilsaur (yeah right!)

There’s a quest chain in Stranglethorn though, it ends with a mini-pet so I will probably end up doing that on my two main toons. Though I can see it already, there is a quest that involves killing a spawned NPC and there are 5,000 people spamming AOEs trying to kill it. Not this again?

It’d be *nice* to see a bow/wand/bracer upgrade but really…..I don’t really need them. And why are 353s purple? Shouldn’t they be blue? To satiate the hungry masses for epic loots?

There are the Winterspring Cubs GAH! Oh, Rak’shiri will be blue again! I wonder what colour Shy’Rotam will be? Also blue? Reverted back to black and white?

One of the bad things about reading patch updates is that after a while..I end up thinking that the updates I just read are already implemented in the game. Such as every single class change for Hunters/Warlocks/Druids…I played as per normal thinking all the changes have already taken place so I think the patch wont’ “feel” any more different other than a swarm of players returning (to collect their lewtz, complain, then leave).

SO yeah …

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