Vash’jir I Apologize

When I had completed the Vash’jir quest-line, I felt abandoned, the chain felt incomplete. Why? Well, because I didn’t pay attention to Nazgrim’s last words as he swam towards the whirlpool of watery doom: Follow me if you are a true (insert race) .

I observed my friend as he finished this quest chain, I expected his reaction to be “what the heck where do I go now?” but instead he said “you bet your ass I’ll come with you!”. I was confused.

“What are you talking about? Don’t you feel something’s wrong with the ending?”

“No, I’m going in to save Erunak, wanna run me on your DK?”

“To do what?”

*Ahem* So yeah apparently the quest chain continues within the Throne of Tides, you are to slay Lady Nazjir (is that her name?) and rescue Erunak for some awesome blue lewtz.

The entire instance itself is part of the conclusion of the Vash’jir zone. You end up killing the Lady, rescuing Erunak and also helping Neptulon cleanse his waters. Though what happens after the Kraken disappears is questionable.

So Vash’jir, we’re cool.

ULDUM is still not off the hook though you ball of pop culture references you! /shakefist

We discover an ancient civilization with contact to the Plane of Air and yet we are bombarded by everything BUT anything to do with that zone. References references references.

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