It’s Not a Hunt, It’s a Race!

The most painful part of switching mains is not having to gear them up, or having to re-grind long forgotten rep, but to re-complete long forgotten (painful memories) achievements.

Yes. The Easter Eff-You-a-Thon!

As this holiday event was my new-to-Wow friend’s first holiday event, I dragged him along to the Falconwing Square Fountain, the very fountain that Truny had claimed to be her own last year! This fountain is very effective when there are lots of people in the area spawning eggs up the hoo-ha. We each stood at opposite ends of the fountain, giving us both access to three eggs without moving. This fountain can possibly be shared by three people, each taking two egg spawns (or racing for the shared side spawns).

I got bored and decided to stray. Bad idea. What is with all the people stealing my eggs??

People these days are just so rude! I got /spat on when I reached an egg before some poor chap! Just because I yelled “SUCK IT YOU MOTHER PIECE OF GARBAGE!” or followed them spamming “EFF YOUUU” everytime they stole my egg. Of course, no one in the area listened to my sound advice that “RIFT IS FREE TO PLAY TODAY GO SIGN UP AND START AT LEVEL 50!!!”


Luckily my friend sitting nearby (who got sick of my yelling “eff you” every ten seconds) suggested that since we’ve collected a fair amount of eggs, that we fly off and do some of the other achievements, such as going off to lay an egg in a hot spring.

Great idea! First we took our pet Spring Bunnies to go have mad sex in the different starter areas, then distracted ourselves by hunting down and attaching ears to various females across Azeroth against their will (I find this achievement rather inappropriate…..), since with the Great Emptying of Dalaran, we’re reduced to stalking females in PVP zones and quest areas. I set off to Tol Barad, while my level 83 friend went off to stalk the various egg collecting cities.

With all the various other achievements done, we returned to the fountain late at night and finished off the remaining eggs that we needed. The end.

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