Does Demo Suck: Heroic Update

Oh boy I haven’t ran a heroic dungeon on Truny for months now!

What I have found with demonology damage is that our numbers skew depending on who is in our group. If the rest of the group is in starting gear then our numbers will be way higher. I know this is true for most classes but it is more so for demonologists since we lack huge burst. I found that my beast master hunter does not suffer this fate, as his “big crit” ability is available every six seconds, and its instant cast, and his arcane shots, which sometimes hits for more than a shadowbolt are also instant cast.

Since our group was quite geared, I was doing less than 10K on CC’d trash and that was expected. There’s no way my slow cast-time spells can outburst a rogue or arcane mage…or anyone at that.

On bosses, Demo seems fine, a steady 17K dps. The more HP the better!

Then again, everything got downed…its just that
You know what, seeing that Truny is just sitting around making Dreamcloth, I’ll bring her into kill Magmaw and Omnomnom this week and see how she does in high movement/awareness fights vs the same classes I played with in this heroic. I’m quite excited, since we are now on to learning the Maloriak fight and jeez…he’d make a nice mount!

**Update: Maloriak has lots of adds? Sounds like a job for the AOE Master!

Truny the No Burst

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