When Poo Hits the Fan: Recoveries!

Hello my dear reader! I would like to ask you, have you ever been in a dire situation where you are the only one in the group left alive and resulting from your fabulous, skill saved the day and downed the baddies?

I’ve had a few, where popping Meta Armored Demon saved the day back in Wrath, but that was during easy mode speed runs.

I would like to talk about an incident that occured several months ago on my hunter. Wow that’s how long I haven’t touched my Warlock since the Fel Armor change. Back when I still ran heroics for those silly little points.

I was in a Heroic Vortex CC Pinnacle. The group had been sailing along smoothly even downing the first group of CC adds with ease. It was on the second pull, when we approached the first group up the spirally ramp where things went out of control. We lost communication, the tank had intended to pull to the pillar behind the stair, but some of us wanted to CC the mobs before they passed the lightning triangle and all hell broke loose. I think in the mess we managed to burst down just one. Mobs were everywhere. In the pillar, in the triangle, on the ramp, everywhere.

The two other dps had died and the tank jumped off the building to avoid death. The healer eventually died until they became overwhelmed, and maybe cleaved.

The lucky part of this story is that one mob actually evade glitched right at the top of the ramp, maybe the pixels weren’t closed off completely there. I dismissed my DPS pet and called out my trusty turtle, trapped the lightning spewing mob, and misdirected what I can onto my turtle and all the while keeping up mend pet (they don’t hit a turtle that hard actually) and timing Intimidation and Scatter Shot to keep the healing mob from healing and the remaining two mobs was just tank and spank. The evade-glitched mob somehow nudged his way free and met his demise as well.

So now I ask, if one person can single handedly take out that entire group why can’t a full human group pull it off? Communication. If we assigned positioning and CC’ing to everyone things would have been smooth. But there’s always a chance someone is standing in a bad location. But us hunters, we’ve probably been communicating with our pets before we even make any human contact in the game. We know their strengths and weaknesses, we can heal them and position them.

This was the second time my Turtle saved the day. His first experience in being emergency summoned was even further back in time during a Halls of Origination run, when the tank died to Rahj’s fire explosion, though we had two hunters alive at the end of that ordeal.

And that’s it goodbye.

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