Our one-raid-a-week guild has officially learned our Second Dance! I would like to thank the three Kick Ass healers that joined us! Due to delays and whatnot, our prior Magmaw kill didn’t allow us enough time to get a full taste of Omnomnomtron, which I insisted that everyone should at least “get a feel of it”. This boss seems superduperholycrapi’mzonimgout confusing and convoluted at first, and well..that’s the intention of this boss. Though most of you cleverlings out there probably know that this boss is pretty simple, and the only “hard” part is during the transition phases.

So now I bring you a Useless Truny Tip!

Boss Summary:

Ok. Basics. Your goal is to kill four sentry robot golem thingies with a shared health pool.

How They Work:

The robots have “energy pools”. 0-100. When you engage, you are faced with a single random golem, and the next golem becomes active when the current golem’s energy hits 50. That’s it. Once it hits 50, switch to the golem thats about to be active. Essentially all the golems have a nasty “shield” that they put up at 50 energy and you dont’ want to be attacking it.

So the flow, the dance steps of this fight essentially goes: Pew pew pew, which golem is next, awareness awareness, pew pew, energy close to 50, pew pew, switch.

The trick is to get a feel of each of the four golem’s abilities, and how you are able to cope with any two variations of abilities.

Mental Notes – Break Down to Lowest Common Denomnomnom

There are much better, comprehensive Omnomnom guides out there, but after you read all the fluff and the abilities, it all breaks down to a “general awareness” mechanic, and a “responsibility awareness” mechanic:

Electron: Run Out of Group, Spread Out.
Toxitron: Kill Adds, Avoid Poison Cloud
Magmatron: Run From Target Beam, Survive AOE Fire
Arcanotron: Interrupt Its Spell, Stand in Blue Pool

So during the encounter, you will need to be aware of two “general awareness” and two “responsibility awareness” mechanics such as, being prepared to run from a fire beam, but also being prepared to dodge fire pools and kill adds and blow cooldowns to survive AOE fire.

And so to conclude, a shameless plug: Umbrella Corporation (Lvl 14) of Turalyon-US is recruiting fresh bodies for our one-day-a-week raids (Saturdays, 18:00-ish Server). Our priority now is to find Kick Ass Healers but everyone is welcome. We are a fairly mature guild (lessened by the fact that I am in it), who understand your busy and varied schedules. If you need a place to chill but not talk to anyone, we’re completely fine with that. We do old world mount runs such as OS zergs, Malygos, Onyxia, Ashes of Al’ar, etc, etc and yeah that’s it I’m done here.

Turby the Turnstile

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