Demonology Warlock Damage Test: Failure

My dear reader,

I dusted off Truny the Warlock a few days ago and ran an Argaloth Murdering spree to test out if we “suck” or not. My reports show me that I am able to throw Corruption into our spells list which makes our buttons look like:

CoE -> Bane of Agony -> Immolate -> Corruption -> Hand of Gul’dan -> Spam Shadowbolt until Incinerate Buffs

I thought this was ingenous and I was sure to be able to put out some amazing numbers, however I failed. During the fight, my button presses and movement phase button presses were all correct however my numbers seemed very weak and something didn’t feel right even during my Metamorphosis phases. It wasn’t until AFTER the run, which we completely successfully had I realized that in my main hand was a SWORD, and in the other a Bunch of Flowers. Fail! OMGFACEPALM!

I remembered then…prior to the raid, I saw a friend in the main city and I was messing around with them as per usual friendly conduct and I must have equipped those randomly. Ohgodicantbelieveididthat!

I was still able to eke out 12K dps despite missing my actual Sword, and my actual Offhand a difference of over 2,200 spellpower, my sword enchant’s proc, and a smack ton of mastery! I can say that we are probably still in a good spot, not as bursty but not “bad”…for raids anyways. And we’re still pretty godly for aoe fights. Don’t worry about heroic dungeons anymore, the whole “dungeons are hard” thing are a thing of the past.

Truny the I’ll Try Again This Week…

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