New Hero Class: Ascendants

Just brainstorming out loud feel free to ignore.

Starting Level: 70
End Level of Starting Zone: 75 (Yes you must suffer through a few levels of Northrend!)
Starting Area: An Island far north of Icecrown
Races: All Races

The Lore

(Ha, me trying to write Lore LMAO). Hmm, after the fall of the Lich King, the Valkyr were no longer bound to Arthas and as we’ve seen with Sylvanas’ strange pact with some of these mysterious angel like beings, they are willing to join forces with us on very special conditions…we’ve seen them being able to bring the dead back to life, but it happens that they are able to merge (allowing male ascendants) with those who have attained a high level bond with them.

Yeah let’s let the pros handle the Lore.

If this doesn’t work, perhaps change it to some mysterious “Spirit” class vaguely connected to the Val’kyrs transformations. Since it sounds like they must first be a female Vrykul, turned undead, then “granted” ascension….so…..thoughts? How come other undead can’t be turned into similar spirits? Arthas’ “Gift”, what is this gift? Maybe we’ve captured it or found a way to replicate it?


The Ascendants use a unique nine-step Darkness/Light attunement gauage which changes depending on what style of play you choose. Those using the powers of Light will attune their gauge farther into the Light Zone, enabling the player to unlease stronger and more potent forces of the Light. Those who choose to attune to the Darkness will find themselves one with Shadow and Darkness. Hmm, but we need a third talent tree. One that is balanced, or neutral. It utilizes both Light and Darkness. Maybe a support class? A high utility DPS class? We’ll see. But essentially we’ll use a Dark/Light attunement bar. As you build up your attunement you can buffer your abilities with “neutral” abilities, or use some neutral abilities to attune your meter to the other side.

In short, one talent tree could be BOTH an effective DPS and Healer. DPS and DPS. And DPS and TANK. Though to perform effectively in each tree you must be fairly far in (six steps) into your attunement bars, or else mass balancing QQ ensues.

As you can see I have no vision for PVP. We would have to make the class fairly complex, and the “neutral” abilities semi-constrained so an Ascendant can not be wailing on your face one minute, instantly going to a powerful healing attunement the next, and switching back really quickly. Ugh PVP balancing.

Here we will have another class to utilize Spellpower Plate (finally).

Some examples of Light and Dark Spells: (They will be versatile, in that depending on your spec and attunement, can heal or damage or buff)

Spirit Phase (Level 81): Phases your target into the Spirit Realm, giving all attacks done to the target a 75% to pass through them. Requires 6 Light.

Light/Dark Binding (Level 82): You attempt to pull your target into the Light/Shadow Realm dealing 8,253 holy/shadow damage over ten seconds. You have a chance to rip tear a portion of your target’s soul from their body, healing/damaging all raid members/enemies within a 15 yard radius for (some random amount of damage). Requires 8 Light/Darkness

Ascendence (Level 85): You unlease your full potential as an ascendant by sprouting wings and taking flight for 8 seconds (works in combat). You are unable to use any damaging abilities while in flight. (This’ll be tricky, to not evade/reset mobs). Requires 9 Light/Darkness.

To distinguish this class apart from paladins, the dps class must be NON Clunky. The healing class I can see as a blend of Disc Priest and Shadow Priest and Warlock. The tanking class is tricky, perhaps we can give players the option of choosing to tank using a light attunement, or using a dark attunment, or to maximize the utility of both specs. Who knows.

Yeah this is tricky.

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