What’s all the fuss about?

When he casts “Gound Slam”, I like run out of its area of effect. Then when he does Shatter I turn around and run out of that? What’s so hard about running away to avoid things?

I think the Ozruk encounter should be made even more complex:

Ozruk Redone:

We want to keep the healing stress in there just slightly so hunters and arcane mages sorry no elementium bulwark reflects for you.

His HP has been increased by 2,000,000.

He has gained several new abilities:

Earth Shatter: Ozruk will occasionally target a random group member (other than the tank) and begin a 2 second cast. It triggers a circle similar to Shatter and everyone in that circle must run out or die. This gives tanks a bit of slack for wiping the group. Now anyone can wipe themselves!

Elementium Spikes: All throughout the fight, Ozruk summons small elementium spikes to jut out from the ground, dealing 35,000 physical damage to anyone hit. There will be a pre-cast dust animation on the ground. This will add a more interesting movement element to the fight other than just running. Everyone must be aware of the spikes.

Earth Chain: Occasionally, Ozruk will pull a ranged group member into his melee range, this will usually happen right before he casts either Shatter or Earth Shatter.

Throw some random bleeds out, put in some troggs that need kiting and BAM you’ve got yourself a raid encounter!

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