I Can Has Orange!

Haineko now knows what that random NPC is for!
So I was all excited last week about finding both of Thunderfury’s bindings, but was bottle-necked by the lack of Arcane Crystals there are out in the great ol’ world of Azeroth. Once again I flew on over to Winterspring, mined up crystals, stalked the AH and found about TEN for 3 gold each and gave them all to my transmuter to magically turn into Arcanite Bars!
I brought along with me my first and most trustworthy kitty cat Haineko and together we MURDERED Thunderaan.

Never again will these demons mock a Melee Huntard!

The proc on this sword is super bad ass fun. The sword has a chance to proc a cyclone and shock all targets around your main target, which also reduces the main target’s nature resistance by 25. Nature damage? Cobra Shot anyone?

Turby gazes dramatically at the moon holding weapons.

On a completely different note, that PINK AXE in Turby’s other hand was a random surprise weapon. I was in Tempest Keep with a friend, and we were looking at getting our T5 shoulders for the T5 2P bonus: You heal your pet for 15% of all damage you do. The shoulder tokens drop off of Void Reaver, but prior to engaging him, we wanted to take on the first boss of the dungeon: Al’ar.

For an 85 hunter, Al’ar is more boring than trivial. In P1, you pew pew the phoenix, then pew pew the little adds. In P2, I sent my pet to tank Al’ar while I ran around pew pew’ing and pew pewing the adds. We’ll be heading back there again, since now my friend wants a shot at that axe.

Turby the Orange

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