Warlocks Suck?

I’ve been seeing a lot of these search entry terms for warlocks sucking for my blog. Hmm, a Warlock blog at that. Please be more specific. Again, I ask that you say if you suck in BGs, Arenas, Dungeons, Raids, or …Questing?

My best bet is that you feel you are lacking in Heroic Dungeons. (Cause even now in Regular dungeons we can just AOE fest our way through).

You know what, let me run a heroic tonight on my Warlock and get back to you.

Here’s how I see it: We lack burst.

Essentially I save Truny for raiding now, that is if I don’t feel like going on my Hunter who has officially replaced my Warlock.

Call me shallow, but I like burst. Mobs die really really fast once again, and our LONG 2 seconds casts just don’t cut the cake. How do my Affliction friends feel about this?

If there’s CC, do your thing, kill whatever’s left and ignore recount. There’s no way in hell you can produce the same single target damage to a low HP mob as almost any other class out there. In the time it takes me to cast a shadowbolt, my hunter could have used Kill Command and snuck in an Arcane shot for upwards of 50K damage, whereas the shadowbolt that essentially casts could hit for maybe 15k.

Hmm….yeah we’ll see.

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