[Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Lucky]

Last week, I was blog jumping and I happened upon Gavendo’s post over at Rapid Fire. The title had Thunderfury in it and up until that point I seriously thought that it was a mace. I guess I had this SWORD and Sulfuron’s Hammer Thinger mixed up or merged.

So I saw the picture, and I thought “Ok so you’re holding a cool looking sword, so what?” then I saw the achievement and I thought “Oh ok is that fake?”, then I looked again “Blessed BLADE”…..BLADE!

OHH! My moment of Noob had dissipated and I looked up the sword on Wowhead promptly! I looked up the method to obtain such a cool legendary(ily spammed) sword and the process was fairly simple. Get lucky with drops on two bosses and obtain a bunch of mats.

The materials are easy enough to get with our coffers flowing with gold, luckily we had made a raid on Blackwing Lair way back and had accumulated some Elementium Ingots.

So I jumped into Molten Core last week partly to gear up a friend and to seek the Bindings, and found the left binding off of Garr the Stone Guy Surrounded by Other Stone Guys. Barn Geddon failed to drop his binding, but I did get to start the quest.

Just yesterday, my friend tagged along again since he has been deemed “Magical Drop Rate Man” and lo and behold the Right Binding dropped!

All I need to do now is to mine up a bunch of thorium and arcane crystals /shakefist and I’m sure there will be pictures galore to come!

Turby the Blessed

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