Generic Boring Raiding Post

I hadn’t been available for our past several raiding runs, which take place Saturday evenings. One day a week may seem paltry but this is a great schedule for most of us, and for myself anything more than one day would probably lead to burnout.

Ever since the last time I was in Bastion of Something and downed Halfus, our group had been struggling with the alternating drakes ever since. A group of us vouched for BWD (whatever that stands for, I called it the “Lava Worm Flame Pillar Kill Worms Raid”) and we went in and downed Magmaw was his name, in two tries. Easy peasy and greatly satisfying considering half of the group had never even seen this encounter before.

I specced Survival this time (yes on my Hunter) for the increased AOE damage to help kill the worms ASAP. We used a different techique on worm management, where we had an actual tank kite and tease the worms while EVERYONE stacked near Magmaw regardless of if we could damage him or not. Though it doesn’t really matter since the only time to DPS him is during his head-chained thingy.

Worms were downed FAST, we had two survival hunters and that did the job fine, nice and clean.

We are most likely going to attempt Omnomnomtron this weekend, but again I may not be available to report it.

My Warlock is also officially retired until Maelstrom Crystals become dirt cheap commodities and I can go out and buy the Power Torrent enchant for her Waldo’s Sword Cane. I spent a good chunk of my fortune on that then the fel armor change hit and it went to waste.

Also completely off-topic but I’ve been considering putting “Corruption” back into my repertoire of Demonology Pew Pews, cause when you think of it, our main DOT Immolate never runs out so why not? Oh right, I’m lazy as hell. Oh well, I’ll try it out come patch 4.1, which my hunter will still take priority in running the new dungeons and checking out how AWESOME they’ve remodelled the 2D fences in Zul’Aman!

Truny the Retired

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