Vash’jir is Cool…After the Fact

Now that I’m all done the Vash’jir “quest line”, I’ve been hopping back in once in a while to herb or to gather snake eyes for cooking. I’ve found that without the tunnel vision brought upon me by questing, this zone is actually really nice. It’s quite sad.

The zone is highly detailed, with various little critters and the sprinkling of aquatic life, it’s a fantastical underwater world. It’s sad that after we do the quest line there’s really no reason to come back and “explore” or “romp” (yes I like to romp…….) except to hunt rare mobs or to herb.

This zone is so out of the way, the only convenient way to travel to it is via a portal, I mean how often are you out in the world…actually how often are we even “out in the world” to begin with? Anyways…how often do you fly over Vash’jir and go “oh maybe I’ll dive down and enjoy this beautiful zone today?”. Probably never. There are no daily quests down there, nor are there any “hidden” quests since the entire quest chain is handed to you from beginning to end (then leaves you very abruptly and rudely). There’s almost no reason to stray and since all the caves we end up in look the same it becomes slightly frustrating when you are sent yet again to another cave with quests that will probably lead you to ..yup another cave! The quests weren’t BAD and when I was in that Submarine running around clueless, clicking anything I could….the build up was great, I thought “this is going to end epically!”. But it was more like “kthxbaifck”.

The Battlemaiden quest-line was interesting.

When I was still a Cata Noob, I thought that the new “hub” city was going to be in one of the new fantastical zones. I thought the new hub was going to be in Deepholm, where we would then plan our attack on Deathwing. But now Deathwing is just flying all over the place with no focus. When I entered Vash’jir I thought that there would be a hub city underwater, where we would build our forces against the Naga. Nope, nothing. There was a more “mystical” feeling to thinking that the Cata Hub wasn’t Org or Stormwind. It’s hard to explain, but let’s look at BC: Shattrath. A city in a different world. Shattrath = BC. Dalaran = Wrath. Then all of a sudden we’re separated. See, from a “regular” realm…I didn’t mind the Alliance. Shouldn’t we be working with them to down Deathwing?

I guess since Deathwing is all over the place we didn’t know where to build our ultimate Sanctuary. It would have been nice to be in Vash’jir for no reason at all just that it was in the middle of the world. Or by the Earth Pillar. Then provide portals to all the main cities?

So yes, Vash’jir. There’s a lot of potential down there for future expansions, perhaps we’ll see a new 5-man where a strange dungeon has been discovered by eager underwater archaeologists under the silt and sand where a strange demonic force has corrupted a handful of the Naga. This shall be known as what I had named years before: Watery Throne of Friesh’ja. WTF. Come ON we need a WTF dungeon!

So, what do you think? Why am I asking a question? I don’t even remember what I typed up there anymore so goodbye!

Truny the Vash’jir Topic

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