*Sigh* Have you ever been in one of those melee heavy groups, say a DK, Warrior, and Rogue and say a boss mechanic requires an interrupt and the fight ends up looking like this:

Me: “Oh so for this boss make sure to interrupt the (interruptable wipe mechanic)” =D

Tank: “Ready?”

**Begin Epic Battle**

Boss: *Starts Casting Interruptable Wipe Mechanic*

Melee: “Herp derp I can haz many damges LOL”

Tank dies, melee dies…now I wait for the healer to die and then *feign death*

**Reattempt Epic Battle*

Me: “Ok, remember to interrupt (interruptable wipe mechanic) or we all die again ok? xD”

Tank: “Ready?”

Boss: *Starts Casting Interruptable Wipe Mechanic*

Melee: “LOLOL L337 DEEPZ”

Tank dies, melee dies, I wait for the poor healer to die again….*feign death*

At this point the group usually disbands usually with the healer leaving, then the tank and the melee are left standing there in dismay wondering what the big problem with the wipe was. This is usually when I go off and say something like “Ok Rogue, yes YOU look at me go open your spellbook and look for the spell KICK and put it on your goddamn bar! And YOU freakin’ DK go into your frost book and put Mind Freeze onto your stupid bars as well and USE IT AS INTERRUPTS FCK U!”

We can’t really really blame these dummies. I mean really, from levels 1-whenever you see your first cata dungeon when the hell would anyone ever even need to use CCs and interrupts…ever? We shouldn’t expect them to have CCs or interrupts on their bars right? I mean these are probably people looking for macros to simplify their three button rotation into one button and they actually think that dealing damage requires a specific rotation of buttons. Ok this is sounding elitist but its the truth ok. It’s the state of the game.

I say instead of putting absolutely useless junk spells on everyone’s bar at level 1, yeah YOU RAPTOR STRIKE we should all start with a basic attack and a basic interrupt and that very first boar you see in Durotar will rape your ass on your first attempt at fighting it until you figure out how to use your freakin’ interrrupt. It’s called conditioning. The earlier we learn that not interrupting something can kill you the more we will interrupt. Also when we first die from that boar, which most new players will, our corpse should end up on the opposite continent just for kicks. That’ll teach us not to interrupt. Come on its not THAT bad…I would say that is about 10% the inconvenience of FF14 (HA TAKE THAT STUPID FF14!)

It’s kind of like how we removed HEALING TOUCH from the bars and put in Nourish. Makes sense, its a go to spell we’ll be using from 1-85.

The simple solution would be to give hunters a generic interrupt on their ferocity pets. Done and done. Or just let Intimidation stun and interrupt. Who cares about PVP.


That’s the mentality RIGHT THERE.

See, why don’t we just have equivalent “PVP Talent Trees” to complement our PVE trees and everytime we enter a battleground/arena we can only use our PVP trees. For World PVP…..our PVE skills would end up doing their PVP Equivalent onto players, kind of like how resilience only calculates damage from players…would that be too complicated? Whatever.

Turby Please Interrupt

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