Ohai! I haven’t left oh no I’ve just been uhhh….playing my hunter who has more survivability, higher burst damage, more pet options, no mana, mobility, feign death, no crappy fel armor =)

Just a small observation. Since the release of Cataclysm I’m sure we’ve all noticed how outrageous prices of EVERYTHING have been, but now that the game’s been in flow for a few months our own personal wealth has gone up with this inflation. We’ve all found that [Random White Item] and sold it for a couple hundred gold, or maybe even [Blue OMG 346] and sold it for several thousand gold.

Think back to WOTLK. What was the “average” wealthy amount? I remember 5K Darkmoon Card trinkets being really expensive and I would have on average a constant float of about 20K gold. So I would say the average person would have about 20K gold during WOTLK.

Nowadays it seems like the average person has around 150K gold sitting around with nothing to do? Isn’t that crazy? Given prices don’t stabilize in a year or two we’ll have to raise the gold cap or everything will just end up costing spectacular amounts, such as 80K gold for ONE piece of meat to level up your cooking!

Truny the WTF

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