Fine…’s not THAT bad…

Though I’ve only logged into my Warlock for a quick 45 second Malygos kill, I’ve done nothing else ever since the devastating change to Fel Armor.

I tried to level up my druid by /shudder questing in Twilight Highlands and …OH MY GOD DRUIDS SUCK BIG TIME! So you know that one Horde quest where you have to go to the beach and kill 15 Nagas? I CAN’T DO IT! I ACTUALLY die everytime I have to take on more than three mobs at a time! WHAT THE HELL?? Was I supposed to pop out of cat form and heal myself? The heals are so weak? Do I have to blow some cooldowns just to kill THREE Nagas? What’s going on here I’m not DOMB I know how to play the druid, using Savage Roar and that stun and whatnot? Does this happen with Boomkins too? Or can Boomkins explode things to the ground fast like Elemental Shammies?

This experience sucked so much that it actually distracted me from how crappy our Fel Armor had become. Just for a moment. Then I thought about how this created the same feeling as levelling a Rogue. Oh god, the downtime burns!

Perhaps I’m not an “advanced” player. I tend to stick to the “easy” classes aka the pet classes. With my Warlock or Hunter I can literally have NO downtime, being able to chain kill every single mob in the entire zone without having to curse.

So in conclusion, Feral Tanking is annoying with the cooldown changes, Tree of Life got removed which means healing now has no purpose for me, and apparently I can’t kill anything without trading my own life as a Feral Cat. I am just dumb, I should have rooted a melee, cycloned a caster, attempt to heal myself and burn down the second caster and somehow survive the second caster and the melee afterwards. Wow.

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