Oh yeah, Raiding! (And Random Babbles)

Warning: Unedited, incoherent wall of blab! (Can you tell by now I type out random crap during my lunch breaks?)

Enter generic raid progress post. I’ve participated in the deaths of two raid bosses so far, slow but whatever. Halfus Wyrmbreaker from that…raid and also Magmaw from that other raid. They all sound the same. Three words. The middle word is “of”. Something of something. I don’t know, there’s something about the new Cata raids that don’t make them stand out or feel as epic as I’d like? Perhaps we need a rousing orchestratic movement or something. They seem more of a task, just another thing to do amongst the sea of not much else to do. Oh look a random giant worm, let’s kill it. Or look some random person with random whelps and dragons around him. Ok? Or yeah uh huh four golem sentries, avoid everything and spread out and stand in blue puddles but spread out but run from adds and kill adds and don’t kill shields yeah uh huh.  Yes that was the Omnotron System thing. I found that getting a hang of their mechanics wasn’t that hard, it was a matter of knowing which two golems were up and hence affected my actions. I reckon this is a healer intensive fight more than anything and we all know how heals have changed over the months.

I did Flame Pillar Duty on Magmaw on the hunter. It was interesting, as far as I was concerned I had my eye on the DBM countdown to when the next cooldown of Flame Pillar was more than I was DPS’ing the boss. It was kind of hard to actually SEE the second or third Flame Pillars because after the big AOE mess we make from the first one its just…craziness! Heck my arrows probably laid true to the bloodworms more than into Magmaw’s eyes. Yes, directly to the eyes. I did this to test how BM DPS fared more than anything else and actually by the time we were fed up with the Omnotron System I was leading by a couple million damages. DPS probably floated around 13K dps. I know I know other classes out there are probably doing 25K dps but then again I was at the top of the charts so whatever it seriously didn’t matter when there was only the three of us alive near the end of Magmaw’s demise…me the hunter and two melee on Magmaw’s head, struggling to chain him down at less than 3% health while the corpses of our fellow raid members stared blankly up at us with a small glint of hope in their lifeless eyes. The chaining was successful, a huge sigh of relief from all fronts and the worm had died.

Now, should I have done the quests leading up to these raids to actually get a better feel of what’s going on? All I know is that in Cataclysm, all these elemental things are out to get us so Al’akir is in that wind raid, Neptulon is part of the regrettably uninteresting and anti-climatic Vash’jir storyline (abandoned TWO MILES UNDERWATER!), and the Therazane have become our defacto daily rep for shoulders faction. Ragnaros is coming up in a month or so. So what’s with all these other raids we’re doing? So in that one raid with the lot of adds, something to do with Twilight stuff and dragons and something I should really finish up Twilight Highlands? Then there’s the other one with less adds, the one where Magmaw is. I understand Nefarian lives there, and he was the big boss in Blackrock Descent oh wait I got it! Or wait is the current raid called Blackrock Descent? Anyways…so what’s he up to? Are we supposed to quest in those hellfire gorge or searing plains or (whatever those THREE freakin’ fiery regions around Blackrock Mountain I can never get a hold of) whatever zones at level whatever-they-changed-it-to then suddenly raid it at 85? Would there be such an epic and impactful questline at level 30-50 that we will remember what happens and become motivated to raid up Blackrock Mountain?

Speaking of those THREE freakin’ annoying fire themed areas, the one thing I HATE about the map is that when I mouseover to get their ACTUAL freakin’ names it ends up showing the STUPID archaeology dig-sites or player-hub towns instead of the actual name hence I’ve still yet to learn them after so many years. Most likely I can probably turn off dig-sites, I remember seeing that but then thought it would have required too much effort to unclick a box and then have to re-click it in the future.

Another thing are world-drop mini pets. The black tabby cat used to drop off some rare spawn mage in Silverpine Forest, now its a random world drop in Hillsbrad. The Sprite Darter used to drop off well…Sprite Darters in Feralas (for horde) but now they’ve become a world drop in Feralas…AKA YOU WILL NEVER SEE THEM DROP. Why? Why would a random Grizzly Bear drop a darter egg? They don’t seem aggressive to them in nature, why would it have its egg? Heck I should be able to find said eggs given the same logic right? Sorry, I’m quite bitter about things becoming world drops. Any hope just darts away.

Why am I ranting about mini-pets? Oh right cause my hunter is trying to “match” his achievements with Truny. A thing to do while progressively changing main toons.

I did stumble upon the Plants vs Zombies minigame in Hillsbrad…and I have to say all these mini-games in WOW are actually more interesting than WOW itself. Plants vs Zombies, Katamari, the Flying Joust in Hyjal (NOT the Argent ones!). (And cause they are ACTUALLY games not just…..whatever WOW is.) The throwing bear cubs onto cliff sides mini-game was actually NOT intended as I had thought, I was actually supposed to throw the cubs onto the TRAMPOLINE PROVIDED but hey it was so amusing…until I took my meds and thought “Oh god what have I done to those poor cubs?? /cackle”

Alright enough of this nonsense perhaps I will report on our *ahem* Bastion of Twilight (yes I did my research and learned the NAME of the raid we were doing) run this weekend. If I’m home. Most likely I’ll run it as a hunter, BUT for everyone’s sake I will keep a Warlocky mindset and try to transpose any of our skills and abilities as necessary. Or not.

Truny the Warlock

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