Patch 4.1.0 Reactions and Stuff

I think my views on the upcoming 4.1.0 content patch remains fairly indifferent.

New dungeons and raids are nice. It’ll be great to be able to do Zul’Gurub and Zul’Aman AT LEVEL. The new mounts are nice and all but really.. I passed on the Zulian Tiger mount to a friend last year because I knew that despite what special/shiny/rare ground mount I had in my collection I would always stick with the Warlock Flaming Horse of Flaming Death Goodness Rawr! Watch this is going to be nerfed for PVP purposes, the fire on the Warlock mount gives rogues cataracts so they are just going to change the Felsteed to a normal Undercity Horse with an orange ribbon. I can so see this coming.

The new flying mounts look “OMGAD” and they aren’t dragons for once! Slowly we will see the front of the Org auction house filling up with shiny flaming birds rather than the various spattering of Drakes. I’ve given up on my quest to obtain the Drake of the West Winds. My plan was to get it, then AFK in a high traffic area for long durations so everyone can see how cool I was but I got too lazy to do dailies. Oh well. Epeen denied. Tol Barad Dailies: Best done in a group or on a BM Hunter who can actually pull every single mob in the area and take no damage after downing them all. All in a faster, burstier fashion.

There have been no changes to warlocks. GOOD STAY AWAY FROM ME! After the Fel Armor change I actually haven’t even been playing my warlock since I DIE EVERY SINGLE PULL AND HAVE TO WASTE TEN MINUTES OF MY LIFE USING SOUL SIPHON I AM ALREADY WASTING MY TIME PLAYING THE GAME WHY SHOULD I WASTE MORE TIME RIGHT? (When I say “die” I mean take like 7k damage, which is a LOT!) Sorry about that. My performance in dungeons have also declined since I just find my lack of burst and knowing that my health isn’t regenerating back as quick as before.

I’ve also found that as the other classes catch up in gear, demo locks really lack burst. Like…really lack it. Our AOE is OK But essentially our entire AOE rotation is out-done by TWO multi-shots of an equally or lesser geared Survival Hunter. Or three ticks of a Shadow Priests’ Devouring Plague. Seriously. (Our AOE is also really perilous as we must be in melee for most of it to happen, it is a testament to one’s skill to down all of Magmaw’s worms without getting bitten!) Maybe I should roll a Shadow Priest. Oh wait I have one and it’s boring and weak as nuts. But I guess in raids they have high sustained DPS? I guess? Since there’s what only like 9 buttons to push?

Silly warlock, its not about damage its about fun. Well….its really not that fun when I can’t even get off TWO spells! Damn you faceroll dungeon buff!

So with the class now becoming un-fun and with nothing left to do but OLD WORLD stuff such as questing and rep grinding (and refusing to do dailies or finish Uldum), will this new patch bring about change? No. We’ll probably run the hell out of ZG and ZA and Abyssal Maw then get bored.

Wow this has become a bitter rant so I probably won’t be back for a while until something dramatic happens!

Good day!

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