Loque’Nahak Again!

Go go heart attack!

Turby is currently on an epic journey with the lofty goal of taming and eventually travelling with every single spirit beast on Azeroth. (The only one missing now is Karoma of Twighlight Highlands)

Just earlier this week Turby came home from a late night of wine and cheese and he decided to log on and wait at one of Loque’nahak’s known spawn points while he went to go take a shower. When he returned, his NPCscan had not gone off so he flew his usual circle-route around Sholazar counterclockwise from where he had been waiting. Just as he flew by the very next known spawn point his Macro picks up Loque’nahak, alone just west of the Skyreach Pillar. He swooped down off his mount and tamed this very beautiful snow leopard. (Great, now I have to make a page for this over at growlandcower)

Yes, the Loque you see here is not the one in discussion. As you can see, this spawn point is the one directly East of the Skyreach Pillar. This picture was taken last night as Turby was flying around the Basin looking for King Krush, the green Devilsaur. Loque’nahak had spawned again! Turby quickly checked the /who hunter and /who 72-85 and saw that he was the only Horde hunter online in Sholazar. Then he thought to himself: “Wait, do I want to kill Loque for the Frostbitten achievement? Or should I leave it alone? No one else would tame it, and I don’t want to see it dead…..”, so he tamed it.

What would be a logical explanation for one hunter to have tamed two of the same unique pet? It’s kind of like saying I killed Lord Raid Boss and he shows up again in a week and you kill it again? Oh wait…that already does happen. Ok bad example.

What if Harkoa goes and finds a *different* mate everytime someone kills or tames Loque? But how would she know? Is she psychic? Do the tickbirds email her or bbm her? Does she even use a Blackberry? Cause I think Harkoa is more of an Android user. Err, and all her mates must be named Loque’nahak due to ritual purposes? Why is he all the way in Sholazar? Hunting? Wouldn’t grizzly hills be closer? Are the animals in Sholazar more nutritious or plumper and more delicious? How did he get to Sholazar from Zul’drak? Did he fly? Did he travel south through grizzly hills then bore west through Dragonblight to Borean Tundra and made his way through the only entrance that could be traversed by foot?

I’ll get to the bottom of this!

Turby the Hunter

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