I was running the quick and easy daily slaughter of the Crown Chemical Team in SFK yesterday and for this short and simple fight my damages was looking awesome. With the initial burst of Meta I was at 19k DPS and after it wore off and we had to switch targets it stabilized to a comfortable 13k.

I was happily topping the meaningless chart until…I lagged! Big time! I was already at 1.9K latency but my button presses were getting pinged through and I was lucky that the spells cast while under METALOL actually worked. In this four to five seconds of complete lag, none of my spells were working and…….and the Survival Hunter caught up in damage! I LOST! FFF!!! At that moment I thought, why I even had a Warlock if I’m going to be second on the charts of trivial fights and I thought maybe we hadn’t nerfed Survival hard enough. Let’s reduce Black Arrow and Explosive Shot by another 5%!

After a Demonologists’ initial burst, we don’t have any more burst for 45 seconds, then roughly 90 seconds. Or 120 if you only combine Meta with Demon Soul.

So there we have it. I lost, so I quit my Warlock once again.

A) DPS Sucks when lagging.
B) Crappy Fel Armor.
C) I lost. The hunter won. They got more Justice Points in their heart box, they got more gold from the pool, and now they can say “Demonology sucks lol I just pressed 4 buttons with my left eye closed”

Reactivism at its best.

Truny the Reactive

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