Demonology Warlocks: 4.0.6

Aaaand once again in a non-comprehensive fashion:

The new fel armor for 4.0.6 sucks. I find myself on the brink of death after every single pull rather than at the 100% health that I have been used to all my warlocky life. It sucks, but I can always use this so called “soul siphon” thingy to get health back. It’s a lot of health. I put it on my keybinds and I am used to it now. Whatever, at least it lasts FOREVER now instead of having to refresh it every 30 minutes!

Felstorm got nerfed. Oh noes. BUT WAIT, our MASTERY points are worth more bang for their buck now. Before the patch, my extra damage in Metamorphosis was +44%, after the patch it turned into +52%. And 8% increase in damage for MYSELF, and for my Felguard as well. I also saw Felstorm crit occasionally in the 11,000 range so I have nothing to complain about as this number will only get better as gear progresses along.

Immolation Aura damage has been reduced, but ….it’s so passive and strong on its own anyways I don’t really care. It’s still free dps! And remember, since our Demon Form got a slight slight buff and we can only use Immolation Aura during our Demon Form, this nerf is a Little Bit Less Nerf But Still Nerf.

Immolate lasts six seconds longer now. This is EXCELLENT as I’ve found that trying to put in that second Hand of Gul’dan after an exciting first few seconds of spell-casting to be sometimes fairly tight and I would have to default to using Fel Flame. With this extra six seconds I *might* put Corruption back into my spell rotation. If there is room on my action bars.

I actually haven’t even respecced. Since Improved Soul Fire got moved down a tier I have an extra point in this “Aftermath” thing, which buffs Rain of Fire. Eww. Though with this spec I still did an *okay* 14K-ish DPS on Argaloth*. I believe I could optimize my skills better if my Soulfire had an extra 0.5 seconds shaved off of its cast time. If I get around to respeccing I’ll let you know, but right now…whatever we’re killing stuff so…yeah whatever. We’re going to hit up Bastion of Twilight tomorrow no wait today is still Thursday…we are going to hit up BOT on Saturday so I shall report my findings in there for the raiding state of the Demos. *

Yeah yeah Argaloth is easy mode but he has enough health where I can pop Metamorphosis TWICE MWAHAHA!

What else got changed? Well, again with our Mastery benefit increased by 33% (not 33% but the 1.5% times 1.33) I took out “some” glyph and replaced it with the Glyph of Metamorphosis, giving me an extra 6% of this added damage bonus. And it also gives you an extra 6 seconds of nukes to actively reduce the cooldown of your NEXT Metamorphosis. I would have to say “Impending Doom” is one of our bestest talents out there.

Otherwise, I keep seeing search parses for “Demonology sucks for damage”…..WHY?? Can you please tell me WHY? Like, send me your details and maybe a video of you pushing your buttons and which buttons you are pushing and in what scenario?? This is stressing me out cause I think we are completely fine?? Are you looking at damage done on Controlled Trash Pulls (henceforth known as CTPs). Uhhh for those….no one gives a damn. They are controlled so the group may progress.

From what I can deduce for sure this issue isn’t spawning from trash pulls. Heroics are actually….facerollable nowadays as long as:

1. CC Baddies if needed.
2. Kill adds.
3. Common Sense

So for trash pulls its usually “FELSTROMLOLOLOL99999DPS”

Actually you know what I think I know why and I’m going to put this into another post, goodbye!

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