Dailies: Slow Down and Sip the Flowers

I hate daily quests. First we have Tol Barad. Ugh there are SO many cool items from their Quartermaster. Trinkets, TWO mounts, Seagull Pet. Ugh. I have been refusing to do any of these tedious quests other than the Skin 8 Crocodiles one. I am a skinner, and with the two or three stacks of leather I find, I send them off to Turny so he can make them all into ONE piece of Heavy Leather.

How much leather do leatherworkers need to max out their profession like 5,000?

Do I need all these cool items? No.

Therazane. I refuse to do their dailies as well. Pebbles. Enchants. No I refuse.

But, rep! Yeah reputation, I am wearing the Guardians of Hyjal tabard and the only place for me to gain rep with them is through dungeoning. The one dungeon as I only have time to queue for one dungeon, given it is successful. 30 min queue + 45 min run. Can only do that once.

Why do I run dungeons? Cause I get to trap things. And use a spec I don’t really like to help kill things faster. I could suck it up and stick with my old trusty Beast Mastery. I’ve caught a plethora of cool and crazy pets that I can’t even use because the spec is just so much behind Survival. Given the Rage-groups nowadays it seems best to sticking with killing faster over aesthetics and roleplay, that’s not even part of WoW anyways. There are role-play servers for taht aren’t there?

My new blog will be up soon once I find my focus and intent for it. I know there won’t be talk of gear nor will there be much useful hunter tips on it. Not that Kluptomania was of any use to any Warlocks with Truny babbling away randomly. It takes a certain know-how to read through all her underlying text to get to the main point, which is usually random rambling.

I am thinking of taking a more casual explorative approach to this new blog. To bring back the feel of starting from scratch. 0 gold. ilvl 0. 4 attack power. You are in southern durotar, with no sense of how big the world is. You’ve never seen Org, nor have you even HEARD of a place called Outlands. You’re constantly lost and you have no care in the world to maximize your stats, if you are even lucky enough to know what benefits your class.

The thing with WoW now it seems, is that from level 1-84 you can just muck about casually face-rolling through everything, then once you hit 85 BAM. Hello Mr. Wall.

You’ll realize a few things:

1. You must find a guild or have a great assortment of friends to continue your enjoyment. For example: Tol Barad dailies. If I were to queue up for a heroic alone, then waltz into Tol Barad to (attempt to) do the daily quests, it’s quite difficult to group with random single people who want to finish quests quicker. Say Foreman Walson or whatever the hell he’s called. At any given time there are about six to seven thousand people waiting for him to spawn, and everyone is spamming their aoes to get the first tag. Ugh. If I were to group up with someone just for this quest, my heroic queue would disappear. Ideally you would queue up with a friend or guildie to alleviate this problem. Good thing this has been changed where anyone who even touches these mobs ankles get credit for the kill.

2. You can’t play as you have played from 1-84. I’m having a blast on my Prot Pally right now, she’s rockin Outlands straight out the door! If she were to do a heroic our group would probably wipe. Slow down and sip the flowers. Ugh I gotta get into my slow and methodical strategic mode. Then again, our guild heroic runs are quite entertaining especially when there are three hunters. We will trap wordlessly, and things get downed. It all depends. But see our tank can’t just run into a group of mobs recklessly, and yes…we had to trap. When was the last time you actually felt the urge to trap from levels 1-84. Like REALLY needed to?

3. Blizzard is indirectly saying “If you don’t need this gear, you don’t need it so don’t complain”. If you have no intent on raiding/dungeoning then there is absolutely no way to gain rep with some of the new factions. This would include hmmm Ramikens, Earthen Ring, Guardians of Hyjal. Am I missing any? Too tired to count. You could run normal dungeons and gain some slow rep but then again you don’t really need that gear. And in all honestly you really don’t.

Hunters can hunt for pets in their downtime. Northrend is practically desolate and there are a lot of rare cats (apparently) available to be tamed if you’re not beast mastery. Patch 4.0.6 brought about many many cool pets as well, though right now I am trying to hunt down all the various colors of Madexx!

Archaeology. Oh god no. I can see this as a great off-thing to do while levelling. But trying to level this from scratch on a high level toon is tedious. At least you can fly around. This profession should only be done in short bursts. What I tend to do is see if a dig-site is close to where I am, and if there is I will do that ONE and that is that.

Once again I’m not even sure what I was originally talking about. Oh right, let’s give hunters a generic interrupt. Come on, we are the ones calm and steady in the back. If there is anything to interrupt just let us do it. “Warlocks need one too!”, says Truny.

I found that when I am on my Death Knight in an Interrupting Scenario I sometimes get so worked up at my “spell priority rotation crap” that for 80% of the fight I’m really staring at my action bar. How fun is that? If I know there is something to interrupt I literally have to stop what I’m doing, hover my fingers over the buttons that I can spam, such as frost strike of obliterate but also hover my mouse over my interrupt. It’s not all about the numbers and go go go go go, but wow makes it so easy to get into that mentality.

And what’s with Ret Paladins nowadays? They used to be POW POW BAM 1482k DPS and everyone within a 45 yard radius is dead due to their wrath. Now they seem to be just…I don’t know how to describe it but….less. Though I did see a ret pally top the charts in Argaloth? Maybe I haven’t ran into any crazy-sauce ones or the Argaloth fight is just rather simple with no interrupt mechanics.

Ok I’m going to take up an experiement, and that is to suck it up and run a full heroic as BM. If I don’t get kicked from group I shall report back just like Truny did. I believe she had reported on most if not all of the heroics already so you might as well take pleasure in reading them from a Beast Master’s perspective (LMAO!)
This post seems to be quite ramblish as well if I say so myself!

Oh remember when individual pets had individual abilities? Like Monstrous Bite, when it was cool? Now they are all standardized!

They all come with:

Generic Bite/Claw/Maul/Mangle/Whatever

Generic Debuff/Buff

Sometimes Another Skill

Hey! Let’s use the pet model as the perfect basis to homogenize all the classes!


The “new” Beast Mastery is kinda interesting right?

How was the old one played again?

Send in pet. Serpent sting, stand there and steady shot, and hit arcane shot. Use Kill Command and Bestial Wrath. Done. Kill shot when it pleases you.

Now it is, Serpent sting, stand there and cobra shot, kill command, watch focus make sure you have enough focus for an arcane shot given that kill command isn’t coming off cooldown, if not then cobra shot for focus and kill command, and use it if it lights up. BW when it pleases you.

It’s more cerebral. Sort of. Very bursty and lets you interact with your pet. Your PET is giving you your huge crits, not your own bow!

Ok I am completely lost as to what the focus of this post is so GOOD DAY!

Turby the Hunter

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