High-End Asshats

I don’t know about everyone else, but everytime I accidentally end up on an elitistjerks link or page while looking for some general information all I see in the threads are:

Ok from my preliminary results my findings for stats A,B,Y, and Z are as follows:

A: 1.5 (1.05*x) + 2.5(FAP – LMAO): =.95 of the expected variance
B: 1.4 (1.06*y) + 2.34(LOL + WTF): =.90 of variance

It is clear that the 0.005% gain is definitely superior to what you previously stated as my test results are conclusive and blah blah and everywhere like such as.

And given optimal environmental factors, with five fireballs per fight your autoattack should look like:

AUTO = 1.5 + your face + {(9.5xAP+1.05*RAP)+Your Bow-(Boss’ Face + Your friend’s face)]

Given that you are talented for 1/2/3% increases the formulas change based on the color of your pet’s favourite toothbrush such as:

TB * 1% given 95% uptime = your face
TB * 2% given 95.22% uptime = more face and so on and so forth

WTF? I was just looking to see if my hunter should have some haste to help with regen and cobra shot? However from my own findings it seems I want about 8%-ish haste. I *think*. It is sitting at 4% now and is FINE but a bit more haste never hurt nobody.

Also, on a completely unrelated note I am intending to drop my 525 skinning and persue one of my hunter’s original professions because it can produce some shiny and useful things: Engineering.

I do have a question, in terms of end game is there much different between specializing between Gnomish or Goblin engineering? This is crucial because it seems each specialization can make their own mini-pets. The De-Weaponized Mechanical Companion, and the Personal World Destroyer, respectively. This is a crucial decision because I have decide between an awesome robo-bunneh, or a mini-fel reaver! (Though they sell for 1K g anyways…..)

Turby the Asshat Toothbrush

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