Sex Change

I have an insanely short attention span. When I made my first WoW toon, I played it for a few weeks then decided that I wanted to try out all the classes. My second toon was Truny. I tried to be varied in my toon selection, the first was a male troll, second was female undead, third was male tauren, third was male etc etc, I wanted one of every combination and permutation. Yes I have multiple toons on multiple servers but Turalyon is where my wealth resides.

Anyways, I’ve been running as a Female Undead toon for the longest time and I’ve kind of given her a quirky sarcastic attitude. I’ve found that this style does not work with my other toons, such as my resto druid who speaks in technical writing.

I’m afrid my toon will slowly undergo a gender comformity change as well. Will he begin to use the words “g*y and f*g more?”

Thoughts? Go for it? Try it out, if no-likey, switch back?

Truny the Sexy

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