"how to beat a demonology warlock as a frost dk"

I saw this search term about a week ago and I tried to ignore it but this weird voice in the back of my head compelled me against my will and self control to comment further upon it.

This is how I see the origins of this search term:

Upon the very first trash pull of this group’s dungeon adventures, this frost DK opens up with howling blast hitting all the mobs, he is happy with Recount. He then sees this Felguard whirlwinding the mobs, and all of a sudden his entire monitor is aflame. The warlock is Hellfiring while moving around! He tries to hit more Howling Blasts but because he did not setup his initial diseases and rune-priorities, he is out of RP.  He has lost, the existence of his penis is nil. Cutoff by this demon and devoured by this Warlock. Ok wait no Warlock’s don’t eat penises. Scratch that.

Simple answer: Unless your gear level is insanely over the warlock’s or if the warlock has no clue what they are doing. You can’t*.

I’ve seen how..whoa why did my text change to blue? Oh well. I’ve seen Howling Blast crit for 12k at level 83, however Felstorm also crits for a similar amount, but SIX TIMES over six seconds.

*At the very least I have not seen this happen even once when I was on my Warlock. And yes I have driven many a frost DKs to their glorious frothing deaths trying to dish out as much damage as possible.

Now, why are you trying to “beat” anyone on the meters? I can now assume that you are not using your MIND FREEZE, or STRANGULAE, or even DEATH GRIP to help interrupt mobs? And why are you opening up with a Howling Blast? Are you sure the tank has aggro? I bet you ALWAYS grab aggro on at least ONE mob from the tank at the beginning of each pull. (Especially the bitter Feral Bear Tank) The healer back there is hating you but is also semi-content that your “damage” is just behind the warlock’s, which should be pretty high.

Oh wait did you mean single target boss fights?

I don’t know? Probably because a Demo lock can turn into a DEMON for a short duration and do 40% more damage. If they are 85, they do an ADDITIONAL 10% damage with a cooldown we get called Demon Soul, and it also increases our casting speed by 15%. Also, that demon’s Felstorm is pretty nice for single target burst damage.

I don’t know.

I’m at the point where I only use recount when I am on my healing toon to make sure my heals actually work. I KNOW that my Warlock will average 10-15K anywhere, and also my hunter will average 9-10K anywhere. (8K as Beast Mastery /sad) The numbers that my toon can generate versus environmental factors and my gear can only be so much.

Oh maybe you can pop your Runething cooldown that resets all your runes and spam Howling Blast! See my DK is Frost as well but I stopped playing him cause he is busy (once again) being a Jewelcrafting Slave. He must not leave the JC Daily Quest Giver EVER.

You want to proc Molten Winds ok I am totally making up the name but we have that one talent that procs a free Howling Blast everytime you hit with Obliterate. Use Obliterate sometimes!

OH WAIT to use Obliterate you should maximize the amount of runes that you have available to trigger it. More Obliterates, more free Howling Blasts more damage. If that pleases my lord.

So in conclusion: I don’t know, get a better weapon to increase HB damage? I’m not even sure how it works.

Truny the Warlock

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