Why I Hated Halls of Origination, But Not Anymore

Ok it’s time for me to put you into a trance-like state. Please my dear adventurer, click on the Eye of the Reminiscing and experience my Story through your own eyes.

Click on Thing to See Truny’s Dream 0/1

You are in a dungeon group and you have popped into the Halls of Origination. “Oh lord, seven bosses”, you think to yourself. Please proceed through the lavishly decorated corridors. You feel something odd in the air. “Ah, there are no trash mobs in here, why?” you think to yourself once again. Your party treks through the dimly lit musty halls, you feel a strangely light yet very cold breeze teasing the air of this ancient structure.

Now we shall warp to the Vault of Lights. In front of you is a marvelous hall, laden with Titan architecture. You feel under your feet the delicate yet sturdy glass encased flooring, underneath which contain strange moving panels.

Truny’s Dream Viewed 1/1

FUCK YOU MOVING PANELS!! You know what all this time and throughout so many runs through Halls of Origination I had thought that “if I stood on top of an empty panel I would fall through to my death!” You know how much effort it took to not aggro mobs, maintain AOE dps, and navigate that place all while trying to dodge panels?? Since at the time I was running Halls, the Pugger tool was at its all time low, this was when people would literally leave the party because your name had a vowel in it so I seriously did not want to test out the suicidal theory of “Maybe I Won’t Fall”. It wasn’t until we started doing guild runs that I found out “oh they are safe!” UGGGHH!!!

But now that I think of it, this dungeon has probably become 85% less tedious now that I know the panels are safe. Where is the difficulty in it?

You know what, the entire Vault of Lights is completely unnecessary, I say we have to fight all FOUR of the elementals at the same time. Sure, bring their melee dps down so the tanks could handle it, but it would be major fun to dodge fire, dodge tornadoes, dodge spikes, and break bubbles all at the same time. It would be like a Common Raid Hazards Tutorial. This is all a reason to get rid of the annoying troggs. Seriously they are just annoying. Right now, the “ok for the fire guy, avoid fire, for the water guy, avoid water, for the wind guy, avoid air, for the earth guy, avoid ground” is kind of lame and boring.

Truny’s Revamp

Vault of Lights Difficulty Increased by 300%

Upon entering the Vault of Lights, your party is face to face with four imposing elementals. Brann warns you that you must kill them in a certain order for the mirrors to activate correctly since their elemental energies sync and un-sync the air in the Vault.

You pull all four at the same time. They retain their normal abilities with the same cooldowns, they may cast simultaneously so make sure you can break bubbles while running from fire/tornadoes/whatnot.

The Earth and Fire elemental must be tanked. The Water and Air elementals have no threat table and will continue to cast their annoying spells. Un-cc’able.

To know which Elemental to down first, a randomly generated code will trigger a weather effect in the Vault. You must then kill the elemental which possesses the opposite “power” to the weather. With each weather effect, the elemental with the SAME type as the weather will receive some massive buffs so you want to down the opposite one quick so they become weak again. Because killing them would cause a surge of their elemental source to neutralize the weather effect. This shall be a brilliant display of graphics and lag!

Starts Raining: Kill Fire, dodge lightning from rain. Water boss will cast annoying water surges.
Room Burns: Kill Water, dodge fire on ground. Fire boss will cast more fire novas.
Room has Earthquakes: Kill Wind, jump at least once every 5 seconds to avoid quake debuff. Earth boss’ spikes will have six directional prongs that extend from his body.
Room has Wind Directional Indicators (MWAHAHAHA): Kill Earth, face the correct direction. Room is engulfed in a hurricane, you must run in the same direction as the hurricane for its 5 second duration to avoid massive damage.

Really, do we want another Wind Direction thingy. Ok fine maybe….

Room has Hurricane effect: Kill Earth. Two “rideable” tornadoes will spawn and your top dps will mount them for an insanely fun buff to help kill the Earth mob. Everyone else still has to run in the direction of the Hurricane except for the two tornado-mounted dps.

See, that would be fun and interesting. I’ve been finding myself zoning out everytime we enter the Vaults, this should be a refreshing change. This fight would require no CC, but all awareness. We already have the “all CC” pulls in Vortex Pinnacle.

Truny of the Light

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