"demon warlock low on damage meter"

First of all I”d like to thank you for sticking around Kluptomania. Musing upon my insane incomprehensible ramblings.

Now, I like to use Google Analytics to see what search words people use to find this blog. Ever since I sewed up the Breeches of Mended Nightmares It’s been boom boom boom “breeches of night vs flame” or “breaches of nightmare warlock”, “etc etc etc”.

A lot of people want someone to tell them what’s best. I mean, who doesn’t?

Ok, what is the tradeoff between the two craftable ilvl 359 pants? Haste or Mastery.

Do you need haste, or mastery? Done.

Remember, we’re still in the “Naxx” period of stats. It won’t be until Deathwing will we see our haste AND crit AND mastery at over or near 30%. Those were good times ICC weren’t they?

Can you find enough mastery or haste from OTHER gear to makeup for the gain of this big chunk, given that you are not trading anything off? You probably need hit.

ANYWAYS. So this one search phrase struck me deep “demon warlock low on damage meter”


No, everything is not as it seems. Let us analyze the situation.

1. First I need your complete stats, armory detail, and spellpower with your pet out.
2. What pet are you using? Felguard right?
3. Define “low”. Low as in consistently low, low for that ONE fight and you got angry and googled why, low as in pretty good but not high enough like 11k to me is low single target. 20k is low aoe, please define “low”
4. Where? In a raid? Which boss? In PVP? Who cares? In a dungeon? Single target or aoe?
5. Were your party members overly geared compared to you? Or are you under-geared or using poor stats?

Did you know you can cast your next spell when your first spell is about 75-80% complete? Are you using Felstorm when appropriate?

If it’s in AOE trash, general dungeon damage. Really. No one cares. It’s nice to do 500K damage within the first five seconds of a fight, but really, no one cares.

If there’s a lot of CC action going on, and there are other burstylicious classes in the group, such as rogues, hunters, everything else that doesn’t have casted spells, your 2 second cast will be useless but whatever.

Are you using your cooldowns? What level are you? Maybe you’re level 60? No still, you can top the charts.

Are you utilizing decimation and molten core?

You see, the sad thing with WOW is there is an optimal “way” of pushing your buttons to maximize the numbers in which your character can produce. So if I ever wanted to say cast “drain soul” during a fight it would not be optimal. For RP purposes maybe, but if your main concern is dishing out damage, then please refer to my “How To Push Buttons” post.

Now I’ve seen some warlocks purely cast Incinerate as Demonology, which is fine. But Incinerate costs double the mana of Shadowbolt at end level and is weaker by about a thousand damage unless molten core procs.

If you specced into Molten Core, use it. If you specced into Decimation, use it! I know it’s easy to not even realize you’re specced into something until your spellbar magically lights up!

So your options are:

1. Play as you like. Uninstall recount.
2. Optimize your spells, stats, whatever. Or level. I needs the details!
3. Become a survival hunter.

Truny the Warlock


  1. So many guides are aimed at max level characters. I have my first lock, demo, at level 25, and my dps is absolutely horrible. In the 30-50 range where other characters do twice that. Is the problem demo, or am I missing something fundamental?


  2. @Anonymous

    Hmm, I wouldn't worry too much about DPS output at level 25 since talent points aren't maxed out and some of the cool aoe spells aren't accessible yet I believe. Are you talking about damage in dungeons? If mobs are dying too fast (which will be the case all the way up to 85 pretty much) I would just stick to throwing corruption and immolate on whatever looks like it would live the longest, and spam shadowbolt while siccing the felguard into the fray.

    And you are correct, most guides are aimed towards end-game, as the game is mostly end-game centric. Also, demonology warlocks are at their best for fairly long fights (over 2 minutes) at end game, where we can use our cooldowns and utilize our “Decimation” phase. Once you're high enough to get that talent you'll see what I mean.

    I guess right now just enjoy the low levels while it lasts, since it's over pretty quickly.



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