Beast Masters Unite!

Turby’s back and I have an array of brand new pets to wreak havoc upon all of Azeroth! But wait! Exotic pets means Beast Mastery mode which means I’m pretty…odd!

I remember reading somewhere that Cobra Shot was supposed to be buffed by “SOMETHING” to make it a BM’s signature shot am I correct? I read through my talent trees and hidden spells in the book and the only thing that “BOOSTS” Cobra Shot is this weird Frenzy talent where I consume some sort of frenzy to make myself..err shoot faster. Hmm.

That’s it?

Bestial Wrath, wow so many changes, can its duration be any shorter?? Sure I feel like a machine gun for the FIVE seconds it is up but ok then that’s it?


If there was ONE single RP-ish spell in the game it was this spell, I would “switch” over to my Puppy and help out lowbies, or jump around, or explore, or scout, kill some critters, harass people. WHY?? According to Truny, she says its “probably another fuckin’ PVP nerf”. I disagree.

I think it was one of the spells that got CUT, because it was not so useful in PVE or PVP. SO what?? Eagle Eye is kinda useless when you can fly around, sure it’s kinda useful in PVP but…STILL!

This is completely lame, after my small Mini-Rant on Spirit Beasts I actually found TWO within a 10 minute time-span and wanted to muck about as a spirit beast healing people but NOO Eyes of the Beast is gones forever, we hates it…forever!

Also, do you have a favourite pet you stick to? Mine used to be the Devilsaur, Puppy. But now that we can carry FIVE pets I find myself switching pets after every pull, using Charmaggon for Blood Lust, using Jojen cause he’s sparkly, or Turny cause he’s…a Turny or even Torby. Yes I named my Terrorpene Torby, this might change in the near future.

ALAS, I also finding myself switching specs every pull. The Bestial Wrath Machine Gun Effect is nice, but I am finding in groups that need more damage to get through tough bosses/pulls or that I need CC I prefer Survival over BM. Just to..survive. Wyvern Sting is kick ass. “I will freakin’ trap AND sleep these two mobs yeah!”

Changes Required to BM


1. Cobra Shot does..something. No that wasn’t very helpful was it. Let’s try again.

1. Cobra Shot leaves a Cobra Poison on the enemy, dealing a small amount of nature dot, and increasing our pet’s critical chance against the target no scratch that, and increases our pet’s damage against that target by 5%.

2. Kill Command’s focus requirement has been reduced to 30. Cooldown is four seconds. Damage has been increased by 50%. On a sidenote, at level 84 I’ve seen Kill Command crit for 15K on my level 84 pet. But then again other classes can chain together 30K crits so, yes that should be fine.

3. Bestial Wrath lasts LONGER DAMMIT!

4. Eyes of the Beast is back. Feck around all you like!

5. Arcane Shot. Ok, I am having some relationship issues with Arcane Shot. I will spam it during Bestial Wrath. That is fine. But during “normal” fighting, I tend to have enough focus for ONE extra Arcane Shot before Kill Command’s cooldown is up? I also use it at the end-leg of fights where Kill Command is on cooldown, Kill Shot is on cooldown, and I need to move. Or something. Arcane Shot is…weird. Get rid of it. Change it to Beast Shot. Who knows.

Solution: During Bestial Wrath, COBRA SHOT becomes spammable instant cast shots. This way, we can regenerate our focus like crazy, executing more Kill Commands, and not having to use Arcane Shot. Ever. This also solves the “BMs love Cobra Shot” bullshit.

6. Army of the Pets. Come on, we can “carry” around five pets with us, why not summon all of them out in a dazzling flourish of bestial fury “GO PUPPY, PUPPY, PUPPY, PUPPY, and Gregory! Show them the true meaning of despair!! MWAHAHAH!!”

Solution: New Spell

[Army of the Pets]

Focus Cost: 100 <- You bet your butt it costs 100 focus!

Instant Cast

Cooldown: 5 minutes. (Chance to be reduced by 3 seconds everytime your pet farts, no just kidding, everytime you use Kill Command)

In a true display of Bestial Mastery, you call upon all of your active stabled pets to ravage your foe for 25 seconds. During this time you and your pets’ damage and attack/casting speed is increased by 15% and you feel no fear or remorse and can not be stopped until ALL of you are killed. (Effect stacks with Bestial Wrath)

It’s on a Five Minute cooldown so it won’t be game-changing in terms of average DPS output but it’d be a Kick Your Ass Down the Street type of Cooldown don’t you agree?

Turby the Crazy Hunter

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